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Flooring for Commercial Buildings: Combining Appeal with Performance

Flooring for Commercial Buildings Enters New Possibilities

Commercialed building steps offer a  no slip floor system for safety.Restaurant building depicts table for two atop grey colored commercial flooring system.

Flooring for commercial buildings may include hospital projects, office buildings, hospitality areas, public restrooms, food markets, and even local gyms and fitness centers to name but a few. Also, flooring for commercial buildings will not include some of the necessities that industrial projects may require.

Regardless of why you need flooring for commercial buildings, you will be seeking flooring that goes on quickly and efficiently, as you do not wish to have to close simply because you are having flooring installed. In addition, you will want to have flooring that is going to last so that you do not have to repeat the project in a few short years. Also, it may be extremely important to you that you do not utilize anything on your floors that has VOC’s or volatile organic compounds. Volatile organic compounds can emit gases from some chemicals that are utilized for flooring such as adhesives typically used in traditional floor systems such as VCT tiles and commercial carpeting.

Also, you may find it of top significance that the cost of such a project does not exceed the specific budget you have been allotted. The product’s overall strength and its durability are of course important, but because it is a commercial enterprise you will also desire something that represents your specific setting. In order to do so, you may decide that sheet vinyl, linoleum’s or even vinyl composition tile is not symbolic of the professional appearance you seek in flooring for commercial buildings.

On the other hand, you may have considered some type of wood flooring, as it is both timeless and quite beautiful, but the maintenance of wood floors may be costly, and if heavily trafficked flooring is giving you pause with regard to wood, Silikal may be the answer all around. For instance, you could have wooden floors that reflect the ambiance you desire, but with Silikal protecting the wood both below and on top, you can have flooring that will last for many decades without having to maintain it. Many people are not aware that Silikal is not just for protecting concrete.

Imagine if you will 3/4″ solid wooden flooring for commercial buildings; let’s say an office building located in a high rent district. The finish on such flooring can be phenomenally posh, just as your decorator chooses. You can even have four sided tongue and groove flooring installed that will reflect the good taste of those who wish to rent in your building. Your professional flooring contractor can make sure that it will even feature stain coloring as per your decorator’s selection.

But if you stop there, damage is always a good possibility, and if ever there are any spills on that gorgeous hardwood floor, it may even find its way to stain the wood, and then move on to the subflooring. Unfortunately that is also when warping could be occasioned, and mold and mildew could set in and you may even find that extremely noxious odors may come through the wooden floor. Whatever you do, when using wood flooring for commercial buildings, be sure and protect it for good by using a vapor moisture membrane that is more than the simple sheeted paper normally provided as paper is a tremendous food source for microbes.

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