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Slip Resistant Tile Porcelain: Protecting Elegance

A Slip Resistant Tile Porcelain Sealant

A tiled porcelain entry way shines with a new slip resistant top coat sealer.A slip resisting bathroom surface with tiled porcelain walls keeps this bathroom safe and clean.

If ever you have slipped on tiled flooring, you know why it’s important to have slip resistant tile porcelain. Now, you should know that there is such a thing as skid resistance scaling for floors. This is important if you are seeking slip resistant tile porcelain. The Ceramic Tile Institute has put it out, so you know for sure that it can be totally relied upon.

What you will find terribly interesting about this particular skid resistance scale is that they take into consideration a number of premises. For example they carefully look at the differences in the tile, whether it has bumps or is polished, as polished shiny tile is obviously much more slippery. They then look at the speed of the subject. This too is quite important, as a young teenager running to get to his phone can put on a startling amount of speed, as you may already be aware of. They even look at the force required to move that particular subject, and most importantly if the tile is going to be wet or dry. That alone can change the entire story, as you can imagine. Finally they even study the angle of the tile. Of course any tile will be much more slippery if on an angle rather than flat, just as snow skiing has to be done on quite an angle to get the true slippery feeling under your skis.

Some interesting asides here regarding slip resistant tile porcelain is the fact that those highly polished shiny tiles are definitely counter indicative if you have small children or the elderly who will be walking upon that tile. This is why hotel and high rise building flooring shy away from the extra polished tiles. Another aside is that the greater the tile has an anti-slip finish on it, the harder it will be to keep scrupulously clean, which is highly important in commercial bathrooms, dressing rooms, gyms and locker rooms of all kinds.

Those who are mathematically inclined will like that the way they work the slip resistance of tile, wet or dry, is to utilize the coefficient of friction. What they are seeking to accomplish is to try to meet or exceed the general safety and health needs, comprising of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.

Interestingly enough even the shiniest, most beautifully polished tile can be rendered non-slip by the application of clear Silikal. Thus, as the saying goes, you can have your cake and eat it too! What happens is that the Silikal clear coat is simply applied over the existing tile, and there it bonds so that no liquids will ever enter it. Silikal, you see, is totally impermeable and throughout the life of the Silikal application it will remain pinhole free. Silikal will rein in your now slip resistant tile porcelain so that it becomes totally slip free while retaining the aesthetic beauty of that gorgeous tile porcelain!

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