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Best Flooring Resist Dog Urine for Kennel Floors

Best Flooring Resistant to Dog Urine Provides Kennels Better Options

A dog rests well atop the best flooring to resist dog urine as his kennel maintains total cleanliness.A dog kennel access hallway proudly displays the best resist flooring for dog urine.

Whenever flooring is being discussed, the question frequently arises asking, “Can the best flooring resist dog urine?” It is an excellent question as man’s best friend sometimes either has accidents on good flooring, or is being kept in a kennel where dog urine unfortunately has to be cleaned off the flooring found in there.

Often those asking that question have hardwood floors, and either have a brand new untrained puppy, or an older dog whose memory wanes so it forgets where it needs to “go.” Dog urine stains are unfortunately relatively easy to spot on hardwood floors as the moisture and the uric acid certainly are easy to tell once dried. Not only does the dog urine leave a stain, but also it unfortunately leaves a horrible scent. Now granted if you “catch” the dog urinating on your wooden floor, it’s pretty easy to clean that up without leaving a mark, but dogs know better than to urinate on your wooden floor, thus they tend to “hide” the fact that they are doing it, so you won’t find the damage until it’s too late.

So back to “can the best flooring resist dog urine?” Apparently the answer is definitely not wooden floors, not even well treated ones.

Moving forward with “can the best flooring resist dog urine?” we run into tile. Tile flooring is simply beautiful and dogs even like to run on it and it is known that tile systems will never have breakdowns of the product that allows dirt, watery products, mold and bacteria to grow underneath it, or will it? If the entire floor was tile, there would be no infiltration of dog urine, but unfortunately tile also means that there must be grout involved, and grout will allow dog urine to get under that tile. And then too, in addition an odor problem develops under tile. Along with that odor comes the break down of the grout due to the acidic nature of pet urine. It is only a matter of time before the grout becomes a serious issue in need of tile repair or replacement.

At this point, the question of “can the best flooring resist dog urine?” is being questioned with the sound of a plaintive whine being heard in it, thus we hurry past all manner of sticky tiles, rubber mats, and even urethane products. Though there is a possibility that some urethane products might have sufficed, the VOCs they put out may very well make our pet ill, or worse yet make us ill. VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds, and none of us want to breathe that!

At last the question is asked one more time, and this time we come up with an answer that is accompanied by a wide smile. Silikal! We shout out loud, and the interested eyebrows go up and we rush to continue. Silikal seals off completely, there is nowhere for dog urine to go, thus it can’t make those awful smells. Go check it out; you’ll be very happily surprised!


Thin Cement Overlay: A Coating System with Strength

A Thin Cement Overlay System Able to Handle Any Hardship

A facility thin cement overlay system sparkles beneath rows of production assembly lines.A thin overlay for cement floor system protects this factory floor from all manner of abuse.

When you are looking at flooring and you hear thin cement overlay, you may turn your nose up at it, figuring that the word “thin” is actually defeating your purpose of wanting to thoroughly protect the cement/concrete that will be under that thin cement overlay. However, what you do not fully comprehend yet is that a thin cement overlay is comprised of cement, various aggregate such as calcium carbonate, silica or sand, and in addition a polymer.

Polymers are what will give this overlay strength. What is a polymer, you may ask? Basically it is acrylic glue. This is what will allow this overlay to thoroughly and completely bond to the substrate, which is your existing concrete or even wooden floor. Now, the overlay will have its performance highly improved, will allow it to be flexible, and of course gives it increased strength.

Now, the overlay will also probably be given a number of additional chemical additives so that the overlay functions how the installer wishes. In other words, helping along its leveling properties, as well as drying properties, and anti-foaming properties as well. In addition there will be dozens of further formulations, so that the texture is what you desire, and the colored elements match what you have chosen as well.

In the business of applying a thin cement overlay, there are different means of applying it. Some installers will speak of a micro topping, a broom coat, a scratch coat, or a squeegee coat, but all of those are actually a type of skim coat. Basically they are used to resurface or bring forth new coloring to either drab or slightly damaged concrete. A skim coat may also be sprayed onto the existing floor.

Then there are self-leveling overlays. These are utilized more on slightly more damaged concrete or where the floor is not exactly level in spots. Generally people are ecstatic with those, as they get a brand new floor that dries in about 4 to 6 hours, and it can then be lightly stepped upon.

What they’ve obviously not heard of yet is Silikal. Silikal can be a self-leveling overlay with a vast difference from the other products we’ve listed. You see Silikal goes on very quickly, and in addition it cures within one hour. That does not mean gingerly walking on it either, you can if you so desire drive a car over it, or even a forklift!


Protective Floor Products In Every Day Use

Protective Floor Products A Foot Away

Close up of mans feet as he walks across protective floor products.Steps with rails incorporate a floor protect product in the new flooring surrounding.

There are so many protective floor products that it’s difficult to know where to start. For instance looking under protective floor products, one might even find baby mats that are slipped under a baby’s high chair. They’ve got a point, after all it is a protective floor product!

Yet, not the kind we needed to cover in this article. What we are talking about here is some sort of product that will help protect cement flooring. Thus one finds products such as a pigmented yet water-based epoxy primer. Being a primer, one can easily understand that more needs to follow. Such primers dry quickly, usually within 60 to 90 minutes. Dry in the business means “lacquer dry” which simply means that it is dust free. The primer must dry quickly because the cement will be re-coated at least once more. Once thoroughly dry then a colored product can be applied on top of this primer.

Now, when looking at protective floor products, one inevitably hits the various offerings put up by rubber flooring. Generally these ads for these products tout the fact that you would not chip the concrete with a 25 lb dumbbell if it was covered with rubber flooring. They then go into the fact that if your kitty has an accident on rubber flooring, it will not be impossible to clean, but the very opposite is true. They then talk about the stain and the smell that would remain if you’d carpeted that space instead of using rubber.

The problem is, of course, that rubber can have liquids seep under it and then you have such problems such as mold, mildew and other growing things, including that awful smell that may have been occasioned by the cat’s lingering and very odiferous liquid mistake. They lack explaining that one has to “know” that kitty urine has seeped under the rubber!

Chances are that next in your exploration of protective floor products you will light upon various water based polyurethane hardwood floor coatings. You will, of course, require a base coat, followed by a durable totally clear finish topcoat. It is unfortunate that the totally clear finish topcoat will unfortunately yellow with age in a pretty short time, and thus the flooring will require stripping as well as another polyurethane coating applied.

Finally we come upon a product that has been around for many years, and has managed to please all those who have utilized it for those many years. The product’s name is Silikal. Silikal is an industrial flooring manufacturer who offers the very highest quality industrial and commercial floors and coatings.


Concrete Coatings for Pool Decks: Recreational Safety

Concrete Pool Deck Coatings & The New Trend in Design

A close up view of concrete coatings for pool decks seamlessly blending with ceramic pool tile.Pool deck concrete coatings add rich durability to this outdoor pool support column.

Numerous swimming pools exist in motels, hotels, various clubhouses, and many other places where the public may utilize the pool. Having the proper concrete coatings for pool decks had definitely become extremely essential. Thus one of the principal fashions to be seen in outdoor flooring design is utilizing a highly decorative pool deck. These concrete coatings for pool decks now are not only colored and textured, but they become an actual draw to the pool. Thus the concrete coatings for pool decks accomplish a lot more than to simply make available a safe and sound, slip-resistant deck that can be utilized for more than sunbathing and barbecuing. Today, interior designers pay just as much concentration on the pool decks as they do the interior design of the rest of the property.

After all, at present decorative concrete has beckoned to interior decorators to creating lavish pool decks that can actually complement the exterior of the building, and even meld with the remainder of the outdoor environment. In the present day concrete coatings for pool decks can now appear to be an exotic and conventionally expensive material such as wood, imported stonework, or slate as desired by the decorator.

Disregarding the fact that these decks are in actuality cement pool decks, the amazing variety available in order to design a truly exceptional, fully functional and exceedingly affordable pool deck is easily attainable. One has only to look at Silikal’s ideas about concrete to ascertain that fact.

Once treated with Silikal, a pool deck has an exceptionally durable surface, one which has even the benefits of being non-skid as well. Compared with a wooden deck, which requires constant sanding as well as resurfacing the benefits are easy to understand. These amazing concrete coatings for pool decks are actually currently created at a small portion of the costs that will be incurred by wooden decking. The very flexibility of a Silikal pool deck will please your designer immensely.

Once a designer has worked with the outdoor lighting, perhaps has added pergolas or trellises and arbors, and maybe cabanas, the entire scheme will begin to take shape. Adding deck planters, even matching concrete benches or even a romantic gazebo, and your pool deck will be the talk of the town! In addition be sure and utilize the same designer to add a matching spa to your Silikal swimming pool.


Interior Concrete Sealant: A Choice Worth Considering

Interior Concrete Sealants & The Pallet of Choice They Bring

Interior concrete sealants protect this interior office concrete from daily wear and tear.Interior sealants for concrete add beauty and character to this low rising steps.

Often it is discussed online why have an interior concrete sealant? To some it makes sense to have an exterior concrete sealant, after all one wishes to protect concrete from the salts that a concrete area will get during the winter, but why protect concrete from anything on the interior? First consider the spills that concrete is subjected to such as dirty water, rusty water, oil spills and the like. Dirty water coming from just simple cleaning infiltrates through concrete so that eventually the concrete has a terrible odor emanating from it. It also stains concrete so that it becomes appallingly unattractive.

Another reason of course why one would use an interior concrete sealant would be to enhance the concrete floor, for today the colors and the shine that they can give concrete stagger even interior decorators with the complexities of choices available. Preserving the concrete is of course important but all concrete goes through a natural weathering process even when it is interior concrete. Thus an interior concrete sealant can stop concrete from looking pitted, and stop it from making concrete dust. Even inside a structure, concrete can go through spalling. This causes larger chunks of concrete to fall off and poor curing ordinarily causes it. It is unsightly and of course it’s also dangerous as it frequently causes falls.

The very best interior concrete sealant there is is Silikal. First of all it is USDA approved flooring, and that’s because it protects your floors from algae growth, bacteria, fungus and mold. Silikal flooring fits the demands of chemical processing plants all the way to food preparation locales. Silikal floors can be found in beverage processing, dairies, commercial kitchens, restaurants, and even businesses that make drugs for both humans and veterinary needs. That is because those floors are non-skid, easily maintained, and anti microbial as well as being able to withstand any heavy traffic, even forklifts!

Imagine a floor that is thermal shock resistant? That’s correct; Silikal can even be utilized in the freezers and cooler floors of those businesses. It is because Silikal is completely non-porous that it is a wholly seamless flooring surface thus water borne pests, dirt and bacteria simply cannot attach to the floor. In addition, one of the most important factors with regard to Silikal is that once it is laid in your particular facility, any work can be begun within one hour. That means that no business, no matter what, will need to close down for the lengthy time other floors take to set up, sometimes even as long as 72 hours!