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Archive for December, 2012

Repair A Walk In Freezer Floor. Floors For Low Temp. Areas

Freezer door open showing floor in walk in freezer roomMan shoveling ice inside a walk in freezer floor that was recently repaired

If after they make their food establishment inspection report, when your State Department of Health and Human Resources cites you for having a cracked floor tile or other problem with your freezer floor, many freezer owners simply panic. Actually having to repair a walk in freezer floor is not a cause for panic if you know who to call.

Well it certainly won’t be the “Ghost Busters” of film fame, but instead you will need to call Silikal and let the professionals who know how to fix and repair walk in freezer floor problems. Silikal not only has the “know how” you seek, but they also are going to prevent that problem, as well as others with your freezer floor, from ever happening again.

With Silikal it is easy enough for them to adhere to code. They understand that it has to retain a certain minimum inside temperature, has to be insect and rodent proof, highly corrosion resistant, and of course it has to be watertight, but in addition they will take care of making that freezer slip proof so that you never ever have to worry about someone slipping and sliding in the freezer and possibly hurting themselves.

Are you even cognizant that some floor sealers some companies utilize to seal or repair walk in freezer floor problems, have problems of their own? Of course we are referring to residual smells usually caused by their products having a certain amount of VOCs in it. Note that Silikal has zero VOCs.

Also, some products take days to cure or set up. That means that the freezer will have to be inoperative for days on end which is certainly a pain for the owner, be it a restaurant or a supplier of frozen foods. Silikal on the other hand can be utilized while the freezer is running because its walk in freezer flooring can actually be installed in temperatures as low as –10 °C, and there are even special grades that can still cure in temperatures as low as –25 °C! But, best yet it will cure or set up within one hour of installation. That means that the freezer will have absolutely no down time.

Also Silikal is monolithic, which in relation to your freezer means that it’s incredibly easy to clean and thus since nothing can ever enter under the floor, your troubles with micro-organisms such as algae and fungus are over for good. In addition, Silikal is so strong that you need not ever worry about heavy loads being deposited in only one area of your freezer any more, as Silikal is that strong.

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