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Archive for March, 2011

Types of Kitchen Flooring for Commercial Kitchen Floor Selection

If You Own A Commercial Kitchen You Know How Important Flooring Is…
Flake type of kitchen flooring with chefs cooking.Employee standing on kitchen floor cooking on stove.Different types of food elegantly displayed on kitchen flooring.
…But Do You Know What Your Flooring Options Are?

Commercial kitchens will need very special types of kitchen flooring of course. Consider the fact that it will be a high traffic area, thus very prone to spills, dirt and dust not to mention that you will want it at least moisture resistant. The reason is of course to prevent various kinds of accidents as well as falls.

Besides all this, you will want to have a kitchen floor that is completely sealed so that no moisture can leak inside of it creating a harbor for both mold and all manner of awful microbes and such. Now tile is lovely but imagine how it would crack under what is actually normal commercial kitchen use? Grout unfortunately is not hermetically sealed either.

Wooden floors used the be the mainstay of commercial kitchens, until it was found to harbor so many bacteria that it had to be replaced. You see, the moisture content of any timber used to construct a wooden floor is fundamentally dependant on the variable temperature as well as the humidity of the contiguous air and the moisture content of whichever materials are in contact with that wood. Thus, wooden types of kitchen flooring are not suggested.

Actually the very best types of kitchen flooring is Silikal for it is the ultimate option for commercial kitchen flooring because it is offered in diverse anti-skid grades, a very alluring range of colors and in addition it is perfect because it is exceptionally effortless to maintain. Any commercial kitchen such as those in restaurants or hotels needs to have long-lasting kitchen flooring that is not only sturdy but also highly resistant to wear. With Silikal flooring, those who work in the various kitchens of catering establishments, restaurants, or hotels are afforded with a hygienic flooring, relaxed and highly dependable working environment in order to prepare their delectable meals.


This Self Leveling Floor Offers So Much More…

With Silikal You Can Expect More From A Self Leveling Floor.

Lobby with Self leveling floor displayed.Food Area With Self Leveling FlooringFlooring in A self storage unit displayed.

To Silikal, a self leveling floor is an easy matter to put down, as all those technical people of theirs who do this know their business extremely well. However, for others in the business, not so much. See most companies will wash down the floor, dry it some, and then put on dissolved sulfamic acid, which they put down with a spray bottle, and that’s when they really start to work with a hard brittle scrub brush. The goal of all this is to make available an adequate texture to ensure bond of their product. Once that’s done, then they have to thoroughly hose that off with a high pressure hose. At that time, it’s the right moment to put on a salt removing liquid in order to stop the possible corrosion of the cement. At last the concrete should be tested. Once the floor is thoroughly dried, that’s when they put on the self leveling floor, rolling it out with a special spreader. Once solidification has taken place the concrete may be stained, and finally once it is completely dried and set, that’s when they put on a protective sealant.

Seems like a heck of a lot of time, effort, and worse yet time down for any business that is receiving that self leveling floor, don’t you think? That’s where the Silikal’s self leveling floors are utterly different. You see the Silikal self leveling floors can be put down and work of any type can resume in one hour! That’s it!

Having self leveling flooring is exceedingly important in instances say where you have a commercial swimming pool. If currently the cement surrounding the pool has not been properly graded and dirty water that has been splashed out of the pool is going back into the pool, that calls for a self leveling floor. And in the case of the swimming pool, Silikal is a methodically and vigilantly tested colored concrete sealer, which will even bring you an anti slip flooring!


A Flame Resistant Coating for Your Floor & for Your Safety

Protect Yourself by Protecting Your Floor from Flames and Heat

Contractor applying a flame resistant coating to a new floor.fire depicted with a circle and slash indicating no fire zone.

There are some reasons or locations why you would want a flame resistant coating, and certainly one such location might be a pyrotechnics manufacturer, and another great example may be on boats. Silikal can satisfy both of those, as “we meet IMO floor covering requirements which means they are fireproof and safe for boats” Of course, in that particular instance, IMO refers to the International Maritime Organization, a United Nations agency specializing in maritime safety.

A newly formulated flame resistant coating as supplied by Silikal can result in reduced insurance costs as well as an added marketing benefit for a particular end product such as a boat. Not only are these Silikal flame resistant coatings, but also the coatings are aesthetically beautiful as they can be when color can be matched to any color, or color combination.

With the manufacture of these flame resistant coatings, using an intumescent formula created against flame and fire, Silikal has met a special demand from the maritime industry that we are extremely proud of! Synthetic materials are being used more and more and are even now being utilized in light marine industries. The new wave materials are outstanding concerning their special light weight and their particular strength, but a top priority is that these products are highly combustible and will not by themselves meet required fire ratings. The flame resistant coatings especially formulated by Silikal have answered this key concern for many.

Imagine too the use of flame resistant coatings on hospitals, restaurants and in fact on any public buildings. Just think how many lives can be saved with the use of a special flame resistant coating on such properties? Silikal has thought of it, and that’s why they manufacture a flame resistant coating which has been especially formulated in order to provide flame resistant finishes that are durable, and beautiful but more importantly tough.