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Stairway Flooring

Key Stairway Flooring Solutions

Stairway Flooring With Rubber Safety Strips. Chef Walking Up Stairs With Specialty Non-Slip Flooring.Stairway Flooring That Matches The Decor Of The Thick Wooden Railing.

Often no matter the location someone has come up with the brilliant idea that stairway flooring ought to be carpeted. Of course this is actually a ludicrous idea as carpeting tends to wear wherever footfalls come, and finally what happens is that the carpeting becomes dingy and stained, but worse yet predisposes the stair users to unfortunate falls. The right floor covering for high traffic areas is crucial in stairwells. If this stairway is located in a business of some sort, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Unfortunately a solitary rip in stairway carpeting can actually cost a company millions won in a suit!

Such problems could be so easily avoided if the correct flooring had been selected to begin with for their stairway. Durability is key in any stairwell. Proper stairway flooring is absolutely indispensable, especially to business concerns.

This then begs the question as to what exactly is proper stairway flooring? Of course safety and the well-being of the users of that stairway is paramount. That then means that one cannot utilize stairway flooring that will wear away at any time inviting falls. Taken one step further, that also means that the stairway flooring should not need tremendous upkeep.

Those who must make decisions with regard to upkeep will definitely understand that maintenance may often be required so that the stairway would have to be shut off from foot traffic when the flooring must be waxed and polished for instance. Taking this further, one must also take into consideration the replacement factor. This also would require the need for the stairway to have to be shut down periodically.

Looking at this yet another way, d├ęcor also needs to come to mind. Indoor staircase design is often overlooked, and destroys the ambience of the room. In fact there are times when flooring can become a conspicuous portion of the indoor staircase and even at times can go unnoticed although one does not frequently utilize these stairs. Interior decorators take into account that the stairway is an integral portion of any room and thus will know that the proper stairway can add a definitive crucial decor element to any interior.

Using Silikal means that you will be able to have experienced installers taking care of your stairway flooring with complete professionalism. The installers have been fully trained to quickly install Silikal. They are installation experts who come not only experienced, but are actually certified trained. Their incredible knowledge of the enhanced MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) they will apply to your stairway flooring will completely astound you.

Sometimes part of such staircases are utilized for emergencies only. That means that they will only be seen by the public in rare instances. That however does not mean that protecting the concrete is of no importance. Just the opposite is true, as concrete will undergo changes even when unused. Because some of these staircases are located outdoors, at times it will even be important for that staircase to be able to weather water, cold, and even ice. Nothing but nothing fits the various requirements of stairway flooring as well as the ever-lasting Silikal flooring.

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