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Smooth Resin Flooring & Its Benefits

Smooth Resin Flooring
what are the benefits of choosing a Silikal resin floor?

A warehouse with smooth resin flooringGolf shoes in locker room with smooth resin flooring

Smooth resin flooring is called for in a plethora of situations, from beverage producers, wineries, dairies, slaughterhouses, fishmongers, food processing plants, bakeries, workshops, pharmaceutical labs, automobile assembly lines, heavy industries, to supermarkets. Doctors want it in operating rooms, and dentists want it in their dental practice.

The reason is actually plain and simple, a smooth resin flooring such as Silikal which goes down and cures in only 2 hours will mean much less down time to put down a smooth resin floor that will resist aggressive materials such as salt, oils, greases and even lyes as well as become a non-skid and non-slip surface that will resist weathering and ageing, yet will actually resist frost as well as very high heat!

If you can imagine a floor that is perfect for a tractor repair shop as well as a floor in a bakery for making cookies, you have an idea of just how versatile a smooth resin flooring can be when it’s made from Silikal. Sanitary areas such as those as a cookie factory, require flooring that will stop contaminants and liquids from penetrating into the substrate which are the source of harmful growths of bacteria and fungi call for Silikal flooring.

On the other hand imagine how straight and free from any lumps a television or movie studio must be, and you’ll realize another instance where Silikal is considered to be in top demand. Heavy cameras and large sets can often damage those floors quite rapidly, but with Silikal they last and last as smooth resin flooring.


Heat Resistant Flooring For When Things Get Hot!

Heat Resistant Flooring
if you got heat our resistant flooring can’t be beat!

Commercial Bakery With Heat Resistant Flooring

Imagine if you will the amount of heat generated by a commercial bakery? Let’s face it they will need a totally heat resistant flooring. Now imagine foundries, and other places where incredible heat is not only a daily occurrence but often it is worked 24 hours a day, nonstop?

Consider metal production companies, mills and forges; they too will need heat resistant flooring that will never be compromised even when splashed with dross, slag or even molten metals. In such conditions our flooring excels by being able to not only counter the heat, but counter any potential harming effects caused with cool down.

Now you understand when I say that there is heat resistant flooring and there is Silikal! Only with Silikal can you rest easy about your flooring even if it must undergo the kind of heat and torture we’re looking at with foundries!

Hot metal spills occur frequently when the floor is not level or contains an uneven surface, thus it behooves you to seek the best heat resistant flooring possible, and that is definitely Silikal. After all, Silikal is totally designed for areas that have extreme thermal cycling as well as sporadic exposure to slag splash or even other liquid metals.

You can experience much safer work surfaces within 2 hours of having your floors finished with Silikal, as they are fully cured and ready to work upon and not 24 hours as with other similar products. That means a lot less down time to your company as well as to your workers!


Industrial Concrete Patio Crack Repair

Silikal Is The Perfect Solution For Industrial Concrete Patio Crack Repair & Resurfacing

R17 Industrial Concrete Patio Crack Repair Kit Being AppliedIndustrial Concrete Patio Crack Repair Near Stairs

If you have an industrial concrete patio and need to get industrial concrete patio crack repair, you may be tempted to just fix it with the existing concrete patio material and hope for the best. Hope for the best, because chances are very good that if it is cracking now, it will crack in the future.

The reason is that outdoor patios must take a lot of punishment from the heat and cold that happens as we go through the seasons, but also the carbon dioxide that is in our air, and various chlorides and sulphates that are used throughout the world will wear at it. In winter time there are chemical attacks happening from various de-icing salts, not to mention acid rain!

Industrial concrete patio crack repair can be accomplished by simply covering up hairline cracks and worse with a flexible cementitious membrane that is a corrosion inhibitor, however when you look at what an industrial concrete patio crack repair accomplishes when using Silikal you will be astonished at the difference this reactive resin floor technology will bring to your patio.

It is a completely naturally textured thoroughly sealed stonescape, using a natural outdoor surfacer, as opposed to various membranes that can chip, spall or flake away from your patio surface again necessitating expensive repairs. After all spalling creates unsightly concrete as well as presenting a chance for someone to trip and fall. This is why Silikal is considered the absolute best industrial concrete patio crack repair available. Be sure and look into it before you agree to have ordinary repairs done to problem concrete patios.


Food Grade Non-Perforated Flooring

Why You Should Choose Silikal Seamless Food Grade Non-Perforated Flooring

Food Grade Non-Perforated Flooring In Kitchen With Chef

When you are referring to food grade non-perforated flooring, you are speaking about floors that must withstand some of the worst punishment a floor can take, with the direct beating from pallets, hoppers, tanks, totes, tow motors that are either dropped, dumped, pulled, pushed or even dragged onto that floor. In addition there is probably constant water usage with steam cleaning, thermal cycling, thermal shock, and regular use of hot or cold water, and we’ve not even spoken about various sanitizers, cleaners, oils, acids, sugars, salts, chemicals and staining foods! Now when we look at food grade non-perforated flooring, we now know what it must withstand!

With Silikal food grade non-perforated flooring, you may rest assured that your floors will remain undamaged even if subject to all the above and even more. When dealing with food, many think of tile flooring, but tile as well as its grout will invite a plethora of fungus, staph, microbes and bacteria to grow, as if it’s found a good home. The totally seamless properties of Silikal render these thoughts completely useless, thus you will pass your inspections quickly and very efficiently as soon as the inspectors see your Silikal flooring as well as its response to such punishment.

With Silikal food grade non-perforated flooring you may rest assured that there are no holes, dusting, nor any fissures that can form on your floor, thus totally avoiding colonization of bacteria and microbes. With a monolithic, seamless surface such as Silikal those worries are totally over.


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