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Concrete Floor Coating Review: Whats On Your Floor?

A Concrete Floor Coating Review for Commercial & Industrial Floorings

An inspector diligantly reviews the newly installed concrete floor coating.Patrons review the unique concrete floor coating design over their lunch break.

In performing a careful concrete floor coating review, it is important to look at all the offerings, and thus one can pretend to be looking for one’s own business rather than looking to perform a concrete floor coating review. Our first contender in this concrete floor coating review is a product known as epoxy paint.

Epoxy paint comes in a plethora of agreeable colors, so that regardless of the color scheme you desire, you can pretty well match it. Basically it is suggested for use where a high skid resistance most probably is not required, and also is not to be used where extreme mechanical abuse may be present. Generally it is made of approximately 40% epoxy, though a few have a little less, but what is important to realize here is that it will cause evaporative odors during its application. More important is the fact that generally two full coats of the product are recommended, and the curing time for each may run from perhaps 5 to a maximum of 7 hours. Generally these are presented as DIY jobs, meaning Do It Yourself, and you will receive a warning that this kind of product is absolutely not to be utilized to fill any holes, or cracks you may have in your existing concrete.

There are, of course, other epoxies available which may not leave any odor, such a product will shrink during curing time. It offers more resistance than that above, but it may be used to repair surface irregularities, and even fill in some cracks as well as holes. The obvious problem with such a product is that it too requires two coats to reach the proper thickness, and when the product receives the addition of quartz chips, labor time is greatly intensified. Also the curing time for this kind of product is a whopping 12 to a maximum of 14 hours. Color choices are exceedingly numerous.

Next on our list of concrete floor coating review is two-component aliphatic polyurethane concrete floor coatings. These can go further as far as their resistance to chemicals, high heat, high impacts, and heavy traffic is concerned. The main drawback of this sort of concrete floor coatings is the fact that once more, two coats are required, and each coat takes approximately 4 hours each to be completely dry and considered cured, but be careful some of them take up to 24 hours of drying time! While solvent based floor coatings require extreme care during application due to having VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), polyurethane coatings have no VOCs.

We now come to Silikal, which has no VOCs whatsoever, and can be fully cured within one hour of application, thus there is no costly downtime and it will last as long as the property it is applied to without needing reinstallation ever. Comes in all imaginable colors, and in addition it will retain its beauty close to forever. Also, it is totally non porous, slip resistant, safe & functional, and very hygienic. A concrete floor coating review would not be complete without mentioning the best, now would it?


Resin Restoration Made Simple

Resin Restoration & The Seamless Transformation to New

A floor installation expert makes necessary resin restoration simple with the right product.Newly restored resinous flooring shines bright blue after repair.

Today it seems as if no matter what industry one looks at, the needs of that industry with regard to their flooring, are backed by some kind of resin. Thus those industries that have been around for a while find themselves in need of resin restoration. Add to that, the needs for the floors to resist different kinds of production rigors, some mechanical damage, or replacing resins that have been eaten away by various chemicals, and the need for resin restoration is even greater.

With Silikal reactive resin restoration you will finally achieve a floor for your industrial needs that is the answer to even your high tech needs for static control, or high chemical resistance because of your particular industry. Do not think that urethane concrete coatings are the same as Silikal though. The proof will be when that same industrial floor is seen after as little as six months later and finding resin restoration necessary even this early after install. Not with Silikal.

If you have problems understanding Silikal’s amazing durability, consider the fact that what they utilize is a scientifically created enhanced methylmethacrylates referred to in the industry as MMA. The enhanced part simply means that it is much stronger than normal MMA, which is what the greater majority of the Silikal competitors are using as the enhancement formula is exclusive to Silikal alone.

Silikal will pass your most rigorous evaluations for being incredibly slip resistant too, no matter what industry you are in, from the machine ladened auto repair shops, to exquisite fine dining establishments. This is why Silikal does so well around any slippery surfaces. In addition Silikal has proven to be resistant to so many things that normally just “eat” other floors for breakfast. Take for example a floor that can resist jet fuel, Silikal can do so as proven by how many hangars have decidedly chosen Silikal as their favorite hangar floor coating.

Chances are too that if you are in need of resin restoration, you did not utilize a product as good as Silikal. After all, Silikal has often been known to last longer than the buildings it was used in. The amazing performance of this product is why Silikal is so far ahead of competitors. Put very simply, a Silikal floor will remain the very same throughout the life of that floor, namely pinhole free, non-porous, and very definitely crack resistant meaning no resin restoration necessary. In addition, it will retain its extraordinary beauty as well, allowing all who chose it to look proudly at it each and every time they see it.


Concrete Floor Stain Colors: More Than A Pretty Face

Concrete Floor Stain Colors with Protection

New concrete floor stain colors brighten this industrial factory assembly line.A warehouse floor easily repels forklift damage with its new concrete colored stain application.

Just as in anything from diamonds to concrete floor stain colors available from a company such as Silikal, you will note that there is a tremendous range of quality available. Renowned to be the highest quality available in concrete floor stains, Silikal is definitely above the rest. Consequently, there are low cost alternatives, and there is the highest quality.

The reasons behind Silikal being considered the very best concrete floor stain colors are myriad. Of course there is always floor system durability to consider, thus most businesses decide specifically on it when on the lookout for the very best concrete floor stains. In addition to their incomparable beauty, Silikal’s concrete stains actually conform to all of the possible LEED guidelines. That, of course, makes it a true “green” product, and therefore absolutely nothing like so many other concrete floor stains. Accordingly with Silikal you will obtain not only the highest quality, but also environmental stewardship.

Remarkably, when Silikal floor stains are utilized using its “earthy” colors, the Silikal floor stains actually mimic or can take on the guise of well-appointed and exceedingly luxurious flooring. This is why so many businesses use these floor stains in countless public areas such as waiting rooms in some of the poshest locations. You will note that wherever utilized, the concrete floor stain colors are actually a basis for incredible pride as that flooring is then both exceptionally elegant and yet its owners find that it brings forth tremendous protection to any concrete floor. Interestingly enough, concrete floor stains, inclusive of even the ones such as Silikal floor stains, make a tremendous decorating statement, even though they are substantially lower cost in due course, because of their tremendous ease of maintenance that only a special product such as Silikal supplies.

Thus, with the Silikal concrete floor stain colors, you will be adding not just a very luxurious feel and look to what is now most probably exceedingly drab concrete, but you will in addition be helping to keep down dust from the concrete. Additionally you might consider replacing bacteria & mold harboring carpets in your public areas. Doing so helps those with allergy problems, but then also you will find that using Silikal floor stains makes the area appear much larger and definitely brighter than carpet could ever accomplish. Today interior designers, architects and contractors alike find themselves drawn to the amazing color concrete due to the incredible unique outcome that comes from it. Ask Silikal today to see the results of using concrete floor stain colors, and be prepared to be amazed.


Outdoor Patio Flooring for Exterior Curb Appeal

Outdoor Patio Flooring: A Lasting Impression

A poured outdoor patio floor system perfectly coats this outside play area.Outdoor patio flooring provides a sound floor system for this office break area.

An outdoor flooring is so very inviting especially during the summer when the sun is warm and also appealing, so that you will want to not only cook on your bar-b-cue but also eat out there too, communing with nature and breathing the warm fresh air. A beautiful patio is a place where you can entertain too with your best friends because a patio actually invites conversation all in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Many patios are surrounded by beautiful gardens, which might even make your patio smell heavenly. But then along comes the question of what the outdoor patio flooring should be?

Perhaps someone will mention that they visited a house lately and the owner had utilized resilient rubber floor covering on the patio. But, then when you investigated it, you found out that the rubber floor needs to be taken up, cleaned up and put back. Unfortunately bugs live under it, as well as various amounts of slime, bacterial colonies, and all manner of black fungal deposits grow under it too. That ended that idea which means that the idea of rubber paver tiles was out as well.

Granite tiles appealed eventually but were nixed because of the problems of having to regrout occasionally and the fact that they break easily, meaning inevitable tile replacement. Friends also told us that they were incredibly slippery, and we certainly did not wish to endanger our children nor their friends. Someone else suggested the snap in place patio pavers that only need to be placed on a hard surface. That meant that we’d have to pour concrete anyway, then cover up the concrete. That seemed ludicrous for outdoor patio flooring and thus we nixed that too.

Finally someone brought up Silikal’s natural pebble stone river rock flooring with a poured river rock look. That sounded incredibly natural, and it came in different colors so that we could match the furniture we had in mind for our patio. For instance, it came in Black Pearl, Razorback Red, Cantina Pink, or a lovely natural tan.

Now we were talking. Not only was it a cinch to keep clean since it was a totally seamless installation, but aesthetically we knew that it would lend such a posh elegance to our patio! The colors were all soothing, and we wanted them all, but finally settled on that lovely Cantina Pink color since pink is so outdoorsy, so that we could have a lot of pink in our furniture to tie it all in.

When the Silikal estimator came to look at our property to talk to us about using the Silikal poured river rock flooring for our new outdoor patio flooring, he actually drew up plans for us to look at. He was quite artistic and he definitely did not make a drawing of a plain looking square or oblong patio; no way. This man presented us with a huge patio that could wind it’s way around my wife’s prize winning begonias, and she was so excited by the thought that she was clapping her hands together much as our little girl does. His design would make us a patio with a truly different appearance. Then he went on to describe how long a Silikal patio would last, and seeing our four year old little girl, he said we ought to plan to have her outdoor wedding on that patio since that outdoor patio flooring would look as good then as it will look the moment it’s finished. Our choice was made knowing our investment was just that, a true investment that would last longer than we even imagined without seasonal repair and yearly maintenance.


No V.O.C. Floor Finish & What It Means For Your Business

No VOC Floor Finish: A Continuance of Better Flooring Practices

An industrial holding tank performs optimally while surrounded by a new no voc floor finish.A commercial kitchen floor closes house for the night knowing that the newly installed voc free floor finish will keep things nice and neat for the morning shift.

Many have heard of the term VOCs or ‘no VOC flooring‘ but have no idea what it really means. VOCs stand for Volatile Organic Compounds which are emitted from some liquids or solids. Some of them have short as well as long–term adversarial health effects. Of the many examples are such things as varnishes, paints, stains, wood preservatives, solvents, glues and adhesives, all of which may be utilized on your floors in one concentration or another and at any time. The problem with VOCs is that they actually linger in the air you breathe, even long after you cease to notice them, or even when the particular activity that caused them is totally concluded.

VOCs can cause some tremendous problems in humans, the worst of which is that some actually cause cancer in humans. However, commonly found are also damage to the central nervous system, kidneys, and livers. VOCs also cause nausea, loss of coordination, headaches, as well as irritability of eyes, nose and irritation of the throat. Allergic skin reactions are also very common, as well as dizziness, fatigue, epistaxis (nose bleeds), emesis (vomiting) and dyspenea (breathlessness).

As you can plainly see, any product with VOCs is rather dangerous to utilize. Thus, because certain VOCs are also found in many of our cleaning as well as disinfecting chemicals, removing any VOCs from humans has become exceedingly important. You now see the importance of a no VOC floor finish.

You can probably also understand why certain companies play down their VOCs. They use words in their advertising such as “low VOCs,” and “may be slightly irritating!” This, is not truly creative advertising, but instead seems to be deceptive advertising. Thus rather than end up with a no VOC floor finish, you end up with one that has “low VOCs.” You should also pass up floor finishes that proclaim that all the VOCs are gone when the product is totally dry and emits no more odor. Chances are that these kinds of products will have small print suggesting that they not be used around the elderly, those who are immune deficient, nor around any pets or animals, or especially small children.

Should you be seeking a no VOC floor finish, you will find none better than Silikal. It absolutely, categorically has no VOCs. Silikal will always meet any current Federal and local regulations when it comes to VOCs. Who better to accredit our flooring as voc free than the United States Green Building Council? Yes, even the ever watchful eye of government has inspected our floors deeming them LEED certified, meaning our floors meet or exceed the very stringent requirements set forth in the standards of the USGBC. We are who we say we are, and our no VOC floor finish gives proof to our good word.