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Nightclub Flooring

Flooring for your Club or Dance Hall

Red Floor With Lights Inside Nightclub

Ah…nightclubs! They are renowned for having hot dance floors and decidedly cool bars. Those who must select nightclub flooring will have to make some terribly important decisions. Of course there must be a bar involved, and even more important to success is a dance floor.

Dance floors must naturally be clean and devoid of anything that may make a dancer not slide, twist and move as he or she wishes. Any dance floor also needs to have an area large enough to accommodate its dancers, dancing contests, or any other dance events that may be held there.

Occasionally, one may combine a nightclub with a restaurant, thus space needs to be allotted for same. Also if food is served then additional space needs to be given for the waiters or waitresses to serve the  food. Few people who design a nightclub give any thought to incorporating their themes directly into the nightclub flooring. However take a nightclub with a circus motif as an example. The floor may have clowns imprinted upon it, or perhaps even balloons possibly. Or maybe one might even consider a Las Vegas theme. That does not necessarily mean that one need to have working slot machines either, but yet there may be some “play” slots available, and the flooring may have coin imprints imbedded into the floor.

There are some who would prefer a rather plain nightclub flooring as they wish to train assorted floodlights on the floor. Thus, they rely on LED video dance floor lighting as the embellishment to their nightclub flooring.

Believe it or not sub-standard floor laminates can actually lower the revenues that can come from having good nightclub flooring. What happens is that especially the women refuse to dance on a floor that might catch their hose if they dance barefooted, and even in some instances the floor might even damage their expensive shoes.   It is imperative that you have  nightclub flooring that is totally slip proof as sometimes guests are apt to drop drinks onto the bar floor perhaps while dancing, thus you will wish to maintain that floor in immaculate shape throughout the times when your nightclub is open.  Also you must be aware of the potential damage that spike heels have been known to occasionally damage some expensive flooring.

Also do keep in mind that if you are located in an area where it rains frequently, you will have guests bringing in rainwater on their shoes that may impair your nightclub flooring.  The same can be said of guests coming in with snow on their clothes or shoes.

Of all the nightclub flooring you might choose for your nightclub, Silikal will be the perfect answer to a clean, theme laden flooring that is also non-slip, or available for the lighting display that so many nightclubs seem to favor.  In addition a Silikal floor will always remain as the day it was laid in your nightclub since Silikal is known to be the lifetime flooring outliving the building it was placed in.

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