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Floor Resurfacing Self Leveler: A Step Ahead

A Floor Resurfacing Self Leveler for Seamless Restoration

A warehouse concrete floor partially tore up is in desperate need of a floor resurfacing self leveler.Same warehouse totally renovated with a resurfaced self level floor plan.

If you are in the need of floor resurfacing, you will find that you would be better off with the kind that is a floor resurfacing self leveler. As you will see, there are a number of reasons for this.

Due to the many interior designers who love the look, concrete floors are now the flooring of choice for commercial as well as even residential use. The best reasons for this are that since the newer artistic designs have risen, humans have become more conscious of their world, and durable flooring is now considered “green flooring”.

Thus, while remodeling and renovation of the existing building, there often already exists vinyl tiles or “glue on” carpeting that must be removed to install the new concrete flooring. That adhesive that then remains is called cutback adhesive, and unfortunately it is one of the utmost difficult substances to remove from the concrete. Chances are just removal of it could pose serious health concerns since it must be blasted, sanded, or ground off, and that may entail the release of asbestos. Granted that’s what solvents were created for, however solvents smell too much to be utilized in an occupied building, and then there are always the VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds. If a building utilizes such solvents that will significantly affect the LEED points.

Thus prior to using floor resurfacing self leveler products the contractor must be sure to remove all loose adhesive. Once thoroughly removed then concrete resurfacing may begin. Of course everyone knows for sure that there is no better concrete product than Silikal.

Now at this point you should understand why a self leveling product is so important. Each of the minute particles of adhesive that was allowed to remain on the substrate must be completely and painstakingly covered, and the Silikal itself must adhere and so thoroughly bond that it will never even have the opportunity to come apart. However as Silikal is totally seamless, completely non porous and won’t ever even harbor a pinhole in it, you can be sure that it will remain in place for as long as your building stands. The reason for this is that Silikal is monolithic through and through, thus when it takes a bite out of your concrete it’s there forever.

With Silikal, you will get a beautiful floor that looks as good years from now as the day it was installed. Just remember that only Silikal uses enhanced MMA to bring beauty with your floor resurfacing self leveler.


Industrial Outdoor Flooring for All Season Protection

Industrial Outdoor Flooring: A Rugged System with Appeal

An outdoors entry walkway remains crack free with industrial floorings best poured floor protection.Industrial outdoor flooring protects the exterior patio of a ski resort lodge.

Those who are in need of industrial outdoor flooring are frequently perplexed by all the offerings out there. Who can blame them, for no matter where you look, you are told that theirs is the best, and if you begin to compare & search industrial outside floors, thankfully one name will definitely stand out as the best, and that is Silikal industrial outdoor flooring.

After all, you are seeking flooring that will be incredibly long lasting known in the trade as durable flooring. Also, you would want your flooring to be totally waterproof, as it is outdoors and will be under the elements. You will also want it to be totally resistant to light, known as UV resistance, so that your industrial outdoor flooring never fades or changes from the original color you chose.

Chances are that it is not only rain and the sun that will try to negatively change your flooring, but in Northern climes, in addition there is the freeze and thaw, as well as snow that often remain on that floor for long periods of time. These harsh elements of nature will need to enter into your decision as to which product you wish to use for any industrial outdoor flooring. While speaking of Northern climes, one must also take into account what salt does to such flooring. With Silikal on your floor you need not worry at all about how it will react to salt. Interestingly enough with industrial use, it is also important to know that no oil, and no grease will have the least effect on that flooring.

Let’s face it too, industrial down time is tremendously costly, and with other products you will have to put up with untimely replacement of your flooring, or in the least having to repair it constantly. This is the best reason yet to utilize Silikal, since it is very budget friendly in the long run.

In addition, Silikal can be installed in the dead of winter. It does not matter what the temperature outdoors is, Silikal can handle it. Silikal’s engineers and scientists have made sure that it can be installed quickly even in below freezing weather.

One of the matters that often arise when speaking of industrial outdoor flooring is how quickly it can be utilized after installation. With Silikal, the answer is that it will be ready for any and all use within a scant hour after being installed due to its high tensile strength.


Cement Coatings Pool Decks: A Poolside Top Coat

Cement Coatings Pool Decks & The Continual Protection They Offer

A pool deck cement coating around a pool protects against the elements.A close up view of a pool deck coating for cements depics a pebble rock design.

If you are searching for cement coatings pool decks usage products at the moment, you probably currently own a very lackluster pool decking that has been worn out or is simply too ugly to behold anymore! Chances are that it’s damaged and badly needs a facelift, or you are just now deciding on what kinds of cement coatings pool decks you desire for your new pool. With either need, your very best outside flooring’s come from a company named Silikal.

Without any exaggeration whatsoever, they are the absolute best company when comparing any other cement coatings specifically for cement coatings around a pool deck. Silikal bonds to existing concrete so much better, and its slip resistance is bar none. Aesthetically you will absolutely marvel at its beauty, and the entire performance of your pool deck will substantially improve by using Silikal. That means that people will want to remain on the pool deck longer due to the ambiance, thus if you are a hotel or motel that has an outdoor bar poolside, you will be experiencing many more sales of both food and drinks!

There are some cement coatings pool decks usage that need to be redone every few years, but not with Silikal. You will be positively amazed at how long the useful life of Siikal pool decks is. It is an exceptionally durable surface that is totally UV resistant so that it will never fade or change color on you either.

Your interior decorator can continue to decorate all the way to the pool deck with Silikal too. The decorator will find that it’s available in a myriad of colors so that it can blend in with any of the many decorator colors that might have been chosen indoors for your hotel or motel. After all, your pool deck is going to be visible from inside all the rooms of your lodging, so blending is rather important. A natural stone look is great eye candy for pool deck areas as well. River rock pebble floors keep blend naturally with exterior settings keeping pool areas attractive and while being maintenance free.

If you currently have a wooden deck surrounding your pool area, you know that it requires not only persistent sanding as well as needing to be resurfaced regularly. Thus, you will more than likely understand the costs you will be saving by using Silikal instead of the costs being incurred by your present wood decking.

With Silikal cement coatings pool decks you will not only heighten the attraction you desire to your pool deck, but people will gravitate there and be in a party mood. Just the added income that your pool deck will generate will more than adequately repay itself quickly even without a poolside bar, since you will undoubtedly have more paying guests because of how attractive your pool area has become.


Concrete Coatings For Pool Decks: A Safe Coat for Summer

Concrete Coatings For Pool Decks Give Summer Fun Safety

Outdoor pool decks shine with brightness with new concrete coatings.A close up view of an acrylic pool deck coating for outside concrete areas shows its seamless, non porous qualities.

There are, of course, a tremendous amount of concrete coatings for pool decks available out there. In fact, chances are that if you are searching for such a concrete coating for your pool deck that you are completely bewildered by the myriad of choices available.

In fact you may already have an aging concrete pool deck now, and thus you may be searching for a way to somehow brighten that dreary old ashen look that currently surrounds your bright blue pool. Thus, it may well be that a concrete overlay is going to be your answer, for such an overlay will add a very colorful, fully textured and slip resistant surface to your pool deck, finally making it as attractive and safe as possible.

Not only will the aesthetics of your pool deck completely change for the better, but if you opt for concrete coatings for pool decks from Silikal, you will find that you will also be getting a pool deck that will repel any damage from abrasion, freeze-thaw conditions, UV exposure, pool chemicals, and even salt should your pool also be located where salt punishes your pool deck.

In addition to beautifying your pool deck, concrete coating for pool decks from Silikal will render that pool deck completely slip resistant, perhaps the most important factor of all. No more will you need to worry about someone slipping and falling due to the wetness of your pool deck.

Thus, now that we’ve covered the amazing beauty of your pool decking, as well as the slip resistance of it, you also need to consider that Silikal is totally non porous making care and maintenance a breeze, as it is very low maintenance, and of course will “>resist mildew and other stains. Speaking of breeze, you will also find that any Silikal concrete coatings for pool decks also makes all surfaces, such as concrete, much cooler to the touch of bare feet, something your guests will find quite enjoyable.

Any of the Silikal products for pool decks are offered in a wide-ranging assortment of colors as well as patterns in order to suit the most discriminating of tastes. The use of decorative concrete now creates an outdoor environment that cannot be matched. Descriptions of some of these pool decks are covered by such adjectives as attractive, exceptional, lavish, and exotic and even yes, romantic. And to think that all of that is due to nothing more than Silikal concrete coatings!


Flooring For Office Building: Whats On Your Floor?

A Flooring for Office Building Design

Office building flooring protects this desk area with a superb acrylic poured resin system.This office park floor system brings a calming appeal to the space shown.

Those who are seeking flooring for office building use may have to take into consideration that thoughtless flooring choices may create possible problems, depending on your selection. For example imported tile is beautiful; however tile may be too slippery for use as flooring for office building application. Or, you may have mentally rejected using linoleum, sheet vinyl, or even possibly vinyl composition tile because it is in no way representational of the professional formula you seek.

Today, many office spaces are using Silikal covered seamless flooring systems. First of all in an office, chairs can then move about and roll wherever the user wishes without harming the floor. Silikal flooring is extremely simple to keep clean, is aesthetically pleasing, and above all is an eminently durable flooring. Even if your flooring for office building is going in a high rise office structure, that is not even remotely difficult for Silikal. It is easily installed in small offices without the use of large equipment, and because Silikal has no VOC’s, Silikal is a green product that can be utilized indoors with no ill effects whatsoever.

After the appalling tragedy of 9/11, flooring for office building and for high rise office buildings changed, and thus there are many updated flooring for office building use code laws. Today safety for all workers who work in such commercial high rises are mandated by these laws, and some of them are very challenging to those who work with flooring. This then is yet another reason why Silikal should be considered as the prime flooring for office building utilization. Silikal, you see, stays abreast of all of your local code laws, in addition to remaining very affordable and cost effective because of the amazing durability that keeps the flooring fresh for literally decades to come.

You will also find that only Silikal takes into account the textures and conditions of your existing flooring, because Silikal knows that diverse existing floor surfaces will have diverse needs. Prior to installation of our products, Silikal takes the necessary time to carefully inspect the existing floor to ascertain what work needs to be done before installation of Silikal.

Silikal’s flooring for office building goes on easily, even in the most cramped of office spaces, requiring absolutely no large equipment, which may be an important factor. Once applied, it takes only one hour to cure, meaning it’s ready to be worked upon even if there are multitudes of rolling chairs, heavy filing equipment, or whatever…when that hour is up…you are ready to go back to work.

In addition, once Silikal flooring systems are installed you will never again need to worry about repairs or premature replacement of your flooring. Chances are that the Silikal flooring will even outlast the lifetime of the office building!