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Protective Flooring for when Protection Counts

Protective Flooring Systems For When Things Get Tough

Conveyer belt in meat packing plant with protective flooring below depicted.Steel pipes laying on protective blue flooring in metal shop

Just as in anything else, there’s protective flooring and there’s PROTECTIVE FLOORING. For instance are we speaking of protective flooring that is suitable for a restaurant kitchen, or perhaps you are seeking rubber fitness mats? How about protective flooring for performing aerobics? Perhaps your flooring needs even more protection as you have a martial arts school where they do mixed martial arts, grappling and dojo? What of locker rooms with drains in your floors, or spike protection? Any kind of institutional and industrial floors you can mention will need some kind of protective flooring.

If you run a garage, then your protective flooring needs to be able to put up with grease, tires, the weight of cars, and even dropped tools that may totally decimate other floors, thus you need very strong protective flooring. On the other hand, let’s say that you own a restaurant; you need protective flooring so that your kitchen is as immaculate as you can make it. There need be absolutely no pin holes in your flooring at all so that microbes and other nasties cannot enter your subflooring and grow into worse nasties.

Let’s say that you are a pet shop, imagine how the protective flooring there needs to be totally sealed, so that nothing, not feces, not urine from those pets can possibly penetrate it, or else you establishment would begin to smell very badly. You need to have flooring that is extremely easy to clean too of course.

You would even need protective flooring if you ran a pizza shop that only does take out, for instance. Now you not only have food handling, but those terribly hot ovens running close to 24 hours a day! Yet, your freezer needs protective flooring too!

Is there some kind of flooring that fits all these descriptions? Why, yes there is! Silikal is the answer to all of them. You see Silikal provides beautiful attractive floors that totally protect the floor of all those things mentioned above. Silikal floors are totally seamless, hygienic, and best yet for all those business owners, once poured it actually hardens all within an hour! The floors are so beautiful that many businesses like to imbed their logos right into the floor so you know that they are immensely proud of their floors.

The locker rooms mentioned above that needed spike protection will find absolutely nothing better than Silikal floors, and that’s because those floors are so durable that they often appear to just have been laid, when the building they are in is crumbling! They are the perfect moisture membrane no matter what moisture rigors your floors are put under. In addition they are chemical resistant, antibacterial, antistatic, and even slip resistant, very important for all the businesses listed above.

As if all those superlatives about Silikal were not enough, you will find that in addition Silikal flooring is UV resistant, making it perfect for patio floors too! Nothing, but nothing beats a Silikal floor when you need protective flooring!