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Seamless Floor Finishes for Superior Protection

Seamless Floor Finishes: The Unforeseen Secret to Hygienic Flooring

Deep orange colored flooring completes this seamless kitchen finish.Finished yellow flooring seamlessly blends with two inset floor drain systems.

There are seamless floor finishes, and there are seamless floor finishes. Unfortunately even though they are named the same, they are not the same at all.

For instance, what are you being told will happen prior to those seamless floor finishes being put down? If you are dealing with a company such as Silikal the answer will be complicated. For instance, Silikal will evaluate your existing floor checking out every inch of it. They will be looking for the condition as well as the composition of the existing substrate. The actual presence of moisture will come into play, as well as checking to see if your expansion joints or cracks can be treated. Further, your present wall treatment and cove base will be carefully inspected, as will the current use of the floor, the chemical exposure, the weight loads your floor must hold, the temperature of your floor, as well as traffic patterns and traffic types. Once all of that is assessed and evaluated, then the evaluator can tell you how well Silikal will fit into your budget, your turn around time, as well as matching your desired “look.” This is only part of why Silikal delivers such tremendously successful flooring projects.

Next comes the product itself. You see Silikal utilizes what is called in the flooring industry Enhanced MMA. Silikal has created that specific product through their research laboratories. Thus by designing a flooring system which targets a specific application, the economic expenditures you will run into for Silikal flooring will be completely optimized and because Silikal outlasts any flooring system, then the actual life cycle flooring cost will be reduced to the barest minimal.

Also, Silikal offers a myriad of seamless floor finishes. Therefore it matters not what kind of industry you specialize in, Silikal handles and has experience in everything from sport stadiums to locally owned veterinary clinics. They are also providing seamless floor finishes for pharmaceutical labs, hospitals and biomedical industries. Each Silikal project is treated as if it is one of a kind, as they are fully aware that no flooring system is perfect for every situation.

In addition to the above, you will also find that seamless floor finishes from Silikal are not just formulated to be LEED compliant, but they have absolutely no VOCs! You will also get the quickest turn around time from Silikal as once applied it takes only one hour to be completely cured, thus it can then take all the foot traffic, and even forklift traffic you desire. You should also be aware that any flooring offered by Silikal can be available in sanitized, slip proof or skid mark proof modes.

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