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Self Leveling Floor Resin: A Total Flooring System

A Self Leveling Floor Resin to Start the Momentum

A badly damaged concrete floor is swept prior to the first coating of self leveling floor resin.The new self leveling floor resin coating shines brilliantly over this once dilapidated concrete.

Utilizing a self leveling floor resin system is more than ideal for a commercial or industrial area that requires the highest durability, ease of maintenance, a tremendously high degree of sanitation as well as having an extremely attractive appearance. Some other businesses may wish to add that they need a self leveling floor resin that exhibits the highest resistance to any chemicals, heat or even corrosives. However, when you apply the very best self leveling floor resin to any floor, what you will receive in return is an extremely hard wearing floor that is the answer to the function of the commercial or industrial use, as well as being a floor resin that is very easy to maintain. All that matters then is choosing the very best in such flooring.

Of course, any research done at all on the subject will return that Silikal is actually the very best self leveling floor resin. The reasons are myriad. Probably the most important is that the list of instructions that the applicator must follow is incredibly complex. This includes such areas as making a very thorough evaluation of your existing floor. The existing substrate will be checked as to not only condition, but also composition. Moisture levels will be carefully recorded, and each expansion joint as well as any cracks found in your existing floor will be recorded for repair. The existing cove base, and the current wall treatment will also be verified and noted. Additional notes will refer to your chemical exposure, the present-day use of the floor, the various weight loads that the floor is holding, the floor’s temperature, and even your traffic patterns, and what your traffic type consists of.

Even the application of the product has been reduced to a very precise manner. For example the directions to the applicator or contractor stresses that the system needs to be applied in such a manner that everything must be uniform in appearance, texture as well as color combinations. Edges are to be uniform and kept sharp so that they are always cosmetically acceptable. That means that there can be no ragged or thick edges. It is left up to the highly trained contractor to work out any masking that needs to be done so that the results are completely acceptable.

Keeping in mind that Silikal only makes the very best self leveling floor resin product which probably will outlast the building it’s installed within, one can see why this is so. Just the very consummate professionalism utilized when it concerns Silikal makes it highly evident.

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