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Industrial Flooring Ideas: A Look at the Possibilities

Industrial Flooring Ideas: Whats On Your Floor?

Industrial flooring ideas brought to life this animated floor graphic, perfect for this check out counter area.Industrial flooring ideas created this eclectic light and dark blue floor design located in an office foyer.

There are many industrial flooring ideas floating around on the Web, thus it is sometimes difficult to choose just one. Many people are quite perplexed with so many choices.

For instance one may decide on a gorgeous solid color concrete flooring solution, or perhaps one may decide on a terrazzo like seamless floor finish that has various colored chips throughout, as terrazzo has but without the high expense of terrazzo. Others would rather choose some kind of combination where the solid color concrete flooring solution also has ultra-tough colored quartz in it. Still others prefer some sort of concrete stain to be applied to concrete so that they get a brilliant clear gloss over the decorative concrete finish. Finally, some have seen industrial flooring ideas wherein a concrete flooring solution involves a metallic-looking finish that almost appears to be space-aged. Better yet are industrial flooring ideas where the company’s logo is actually sealed within the floor itself, making an absolutely wonderful appearance that is so very professional.

Frequently we see pictures of industrial floors that are coved when seeking ideas for industrial flooring. The reason is of course that having coved flooring allows the eye to continue upward, but the most important reason is to continue the protection that the floor can give.

Of course it all depends what you industrial flooring needs are. For instance is this flooring for a warehouse or mechanical shop, animal housing facility, http://www.silikalamerica.com/durable-garage-flooring-industrial-concrete-coating, distribution center, aircraft hangar, or perhaps a chemical manufacturing center? Each of these as listed may or may not utilize heavy machinery and forklifts. Each may not require that the flooring be calculated for outstanding chemical impact. Some need to tailor their floors for the specific needs of a particular industry.

Regardless of what industry you are in, perhaps one of those listed, or even another, you will find that Silikal is the answer to all industrial flooring ideas. For over 50 years Silikal has been utilizing their enhanced MMA, which is totally different from “regular” MMA, to fulfill the needs of those who require industrial flooring. The fact that Silikal will set up in only one hour and be completely cured in that amount of time has been beneficial to countless industries that need not close up shop for days or endless hours just because they have sought to protect their concrete flooring. Silikal is also the answer because it will potentially outlast the very building it has been installed within.

Finally, no other flooring is as beautiful as Silikal. Those who apply Silikal can promise you solid colors that are indeed solid, or flakes that will endlessly beautify your floors. No matter which look you choose, underneath is that wondrous Silikal to fully protect your concrete.

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