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Eco-Friendly Flooring

Eco-Friendly Flooring For Commercial Use

Pasta Being Preped In A Commercial Kitchen That Utilizes Eco-Friendly Flooring.Eco-Friendly Flooring In A Beverage Production Plant.Stacks Of Dishes Rest On A Rack Above Eco-Friendly Flooring.

You might ask yourself what makes any flooring eco-friendly? Good question, for it often means that it might be giving off low VOCs. VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds, and usually they are emitted as gas from certain products. The Environmental Protection Agency has done a plethora of scientific studies on VOCs and their standing is that VOCs create both short term, as well as long term damaging health effects.

Thus it rather boggles the mind to think that a product that emits “low” VOCs could possibly be something you might wish to introduce into your commercial establishments, or your industrial ones. Unfortunately there are many commercial flooring companies whose “hype” considers low emissions of VOCs to be a good marketing tool.

Interestingly enough, the Environmental Protection Agency found that while the populace is utilizing products that contain these organic chemicals, what happens is that they are exposing themselves to very high pollution levels, and that having elevated concentrations of VOCs can and will remain in the air for a long time, even after completing that specific activity. We get VOCs from many of our daily materials, why compound them with even “low” VOCs when we can completely do without them by using true eco-friendly flooring?

One and only one eco-friendly commercial flooring exists that has absolutely no VOCs and that is Silikal. You will note that flooring industry standards are finally in place in order to standardize any of the potential toxicity in indoor flooring, thus the ads for any kind of flooring now usually announce that they are emitting “low” VOCs. It is only Silikal that frequently reminds its public that it contains no VOCs, or as the advertisers denote to it, as “zero” VOCs as if it were a calorie count of a certain kind of cola.

So regardless if it is “no VOCs” or “zero VOCs,” Silikal realized many, many years ago that VOCs were possibly extremely harmful, and thus their products have been labeled as having no VOCs for years now. That and that alone tends to raise the trust level for many commercial businesses that are searching for eco-friendly flooring.

Over and above the fact that Silikal does not contain and does not emit any VOCs, Silikal has also managed to let the public know that their commercial flooring is actually the best for other reasons as well. These reasons include the fact that once Silikal is put down, it can be put to complete service in only one hour following installation. Silikal is incredibly durable. Also, the fact that Silikal is considered to be lifetime flooring which actually means that the flooring will still be intact, and as beautiful as the day it was laid when the building itself has ended its highest and best use and is being demolished.

Let’s face it, all of those facts are very startling, thus if you are indeed searching for the best eco-friendly commercial flooring, you will really have to consider Silikal. We think you’ll never regret it!

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