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Water Resistant Flooring

Water Resistant Flooring Options

Car Wash Bays With Water Resistant Flooring.Large Beverage Containers Rest On Water Resistant Flooring.Water Resistant Flooring In Public Showers.

Various needs for water resistant flooring options are sometimes of extreme importance to the eventual user. This includes areas such as communal showers, commercial bathrooms, areas surrounding swimming pools, laundry rooms, or boats and yachts to name a few. However, let us not forget outdoor waterproof flooring options, after all there are patios, cookout areas, balconies, and a myriad of other locations that will need water resistant flooring.

As for commercial usage, probably the most necessary water resistant flooring options come from various businesses who utilize high powered water cleansing of their floors. A good example of that might well be a fishery, or a rendering plant. Not only do they use high powered water blasts for cleaning, but they also often utilize steam. Another fine example might be a commercial car wash.

The point is that most of the businesses which need water resistant flooring options unfortunately do not do their homework prior to having such flooring installed. Regrettably, a month or maybe a year goes by, and the tiles that they were told would last close to forever inopportunely begin to pop up and all the flooring work was done for naught.

Commercial bathrooms are often the culprit when tiles pull up. Perhaps there has been a leak under a sink, or the toilets overflow, and thinking that a simple mopping up will take care of the problem, the business owner moves on until the tiles start coming up, or there is a terrible smell emanating from under the tiles. That smell comes from stagnant or dirty water that has infiltrated itself through the grout which is porous, and the dirty water festered there along with all the microbes, germs, mold, yeast and masses of other mildewy items. At this point, the business owner will have to pull up that tile and put down new flooring.

Well, that is unless the business owner or proprietor calls Silikal, that is. Not only is Silikal the very best water resistant flooring option available anywhere, but the proprietor will jump for joy when they hear that Silikal will last through a lifetime of floods, and a lifetime of leaky faucets, and all because absolutely nothing can get under a Silikal floor unlike even ceramic tile, wood, or worse yet those polymer tiles that simply float like cheap plywood.

Nor is that the only good news with regard to Silikal flooring. You see it can be utilized just one hour after it is put down, and has absolutely no VOCs in it whatsoever. Silikal is also a beautiful floor, proof being that it is the flooring chosen by so many of our greatest stores, and it’s also around multi-million dollar pools too. All of this is because Silikal can match any designer colors chosen by either the owner of the business or the architect. Thus Silikal is the only option with regard to water resistant flooring options.

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