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Hospital Floor Types

Types of Hospital Floors

Flooring In A Waiting Area In A Hospital.Yellow Hospital Kitchen Floor.Exam Room With Hospital Floors.

Pretend that you have just come into your local hospital just to visit, or perhaps you have entered the hospital’s emergency room. As you look about you, you will note that the floor is immaculately clean, and if you are “into” flooring you may allow your mind to wander as to how many different hospital floor types there must be all within just one hospital.

In every room within every sector, and of course anywhere where patients may need to go, there will always be the question of complete cleanability. After all the primary directive of any hospital is cleanliness in order to do away with such horrors as staph germs for instance.

Next, there may very well be a need to have a calming flooring involved, because after all it is a hospital where life and death decisions are frequently necessary to be made. However, one look at a distraught mother entering a hospital with a sick child will persuade you that the flooring in a hospital needs to be a calming one.

Beyond the emergency area of the hospital are even rooms that stipulate exactly the flooring needed there or the hospital will by necessity just shut down. We are speaking of the electronically laden rooms where advanced telecom equipment is running. After all we are no longer in the 19th century here, and microbes and such are not our only problem anymore. All telecom areas absolutely must have special flooring called a static dissipative flooring type. What that means is that it will take any static normally created by shuffling feet, for instance, and will then lead the static to run to what is called a ground point. This is what protects not just normal data equipment, but also any electronic equipment in a hospital telecommunications area. As you can imagine this type of flooring is of extreme importance today.

There is not one single room in a hospital that does not need to have no-VOC emission flooring. Having low VOC flooring is certainly not enough for a hospital where patient health is at stake. Imagine for instance the neo-natal area to only have low VOC emission flooring? Surely a newborn on its first days of life should not be breathing in VOCs?

For all the hospital floor types, cleanability is of great importance, but actually hospital flooring needs to be as sterile as possible, and generated that way quickly and efficiently. That means that today’s strong cleaners of all types will be used on that flooring. Thus it needs to be strong enough to resist the chemicals and harsh cleaners used on it. In addition the flooring must be non-slip in order to keep all safe, be it patients or the workers in the hospital.

There truly is only one type of hospital flooring that will meet all of these demands and that is Silikal. Silikal is lifetime flooring, meaning that it will not need replacement due to cleaning practices, solid heavy weights, stains and dyes or any other punishment that a hospital floor must endure. Best of all, it is a complete no-VOC flooring!

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