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Industrial Floor Corporation: Setting The Global Standard

An Industrial Floor Corporation for Tomorrows Flooring

An industrial floor corporation provides protective flooring for its assembly line facility.A large industrial corporations utilizes specialty flooring for this working warehouse facility.

If there is one industrial floor corporation you need to know about it is Silikal. Believe it or not this corporation has been in the flooring business for over 55 years, and that’s over a half a century! First they were in screed construction. Now, unless you’re in the business you won’t know what that is. Screed construction is the use of some kind of top layer of sand and cement that goes on top of concrete, thus it forms some sort of flooring besides the concrete.

Since that humble beginning in screed, this industrial floor corporation began to create floor coatings that were based on synthetic resins. Now from then on, the corporation proceeded to accomplish countless development and research projects. Very proudly, Silikal is currently an industrial floor corporation across the world with specific representation in Europe, Asia and Australia with headquarters located in Germany and now the U.S. as well. They have a fabulous training center located in Mainhausen, Germany.

Of course, Silikal as makers of methacrylate resins became renowned in industrial and commercial surfaces, medical facilities as well as many public institutions. Even commerce and crafts began to ask for Silikal, and thus the industrial floor corporation grew by leaps and bounds.

Their product range today is phenomenal. They are the only company that deals with flooring that will cure so quickly that there is never any disruption of operations in any business, and even those who utilize forklifts can go right to work after the product cures for an hour. Each time Silikal lays a floor, it always receives the exact degree of required slip resistance. In addition, Silikal can be processed at extremely low temperatures, and businesses are thrilled to hear that they do not need to “apply, cure, reapply, cure, and reapply then cure!”

Even famous designers as well as architects are now specifically using Silikal floors due to the amazingly huge selection of colored design options. Silikal floors can mimic a tremendous range of rocks, and other amazing “trompe loeil” floor designs. You can even have imported Italian tile floors that are really Silikal concrete floors!

Silikal has been instrumental in creating a secret formula for its enhanced MMA, that was actually discovered by their own scientists. Their Silikal product can actually exceed the exceptionally strict LEED guidelines for environmental stewardship. Thus as an industrial floor corporation, they have good reason to be exceedingly proud of their corporation.

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