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Supermarket Floor Graphics Add to Flooring Decor

Supermarket Floor Graphics: Color, Style, and Appeal Just a Foot Away

Floor graphic design in supermarket gives customers a bright reminder of the company logo.Supermarket uses floor graphic to direct customers to seafood section of grocery store.

Have you ever been in a large hospital and been told to follow the red, yellow, or blue lines to the area you were searching for? That made it ultra simple for you to find your department, didn’t it? Psychologically, it makes even more sense than you probably suspect. You see as human beings, we are used to watching where we step, and many of us even walk with our eyes glued on our feet, although there are a few exclusions to that such as those unfortunate people who walk into open manhole covers!

Today a supermarket can actually capture their customer’s attention at the same time as they are making their purchase decisions, and therefore are actually ready to purchase items. Supermarket floor graphics are the newest and greatest thing, and they have proven to be truly powerful point-of-purchase advertising that actually attract a tremendous amount of interest, has encouraged message retention, and of course has been proven to drive sales. And it’s all there right at our feet!

Supermarket floor graphics can be fashioned in a tremendous myriad of shapes and sizes. Some have included highly colorful graphics or have included bold lettering. Many have short messages accompanied with excellent photographic images and a plethora of supplementary three-dimensional effects. What this means is that the customer will receive quite a visual impact.

As a brand new advertising medium, these supermarket floor graphics will seek to reinforce may other ad campaigns and messages. Also, TV and radio, outdoor advertising and newspapers are much more expensive than these floor graphics, thus they are gaining in popularity with advertisers. Just as the floor must, these graphics will be required to endure chemical cleaners, grit, grease, dirt and the extreme abuse of foot traffic.

One important point though is that if a supermarket is going to even entertain supermarket floor graphics, its floors need to be bright, cheery and above all superbly clean. Thus the best floors for that are the complementary Silikal flooring. After all, the supermarket floor graphics are going to bring not only attention to those lovely graphics but to the floor as well.

This is why Silikal flooring is a superb marriage for supermarket floor graphics. After all Silikal floors provide a safe and slip proof and totally hygienic flooring. Slip resistance is important in supermarkets for both the help as well as its customers. Best yet, is that any supermarket can have a brand new Silikal floor put down overnight since it takes only one scant hour to set up or cure. Thus it can be all ready to accept the new supermarket floor graphics as well as the accompanying graphic investments.

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