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Chemical Resistant Floor Coating for Best Practice

A Chemical Resistant Floor Coating: A Coating to Endure

A chemically resistant tan floor coating protects surrounding area from chemical holding tanks.Large chemical producing assembly line floor system shines bright with resistant top coating.

There are some industries that require a chemical resistant floor coating. For instance the floor has to resist deionized water, methanol, ethanol, toluene, xylene, bufyl cellosolve, MEK, lactic acid, acedic acid, sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, trichloreathane, or even hot water or simply any kind of solvents, salts, alkalies, acids and oils. Such needs may come from a chemical plant, and it is important to realize that there are many areas that require a chemical resistant floor coating. For instance there are foundation pads, curbs, pits, sumps, room walls, containment walls, cove bases, as well as the flooring.

In addition, care must be taken that the thin overlay be completely seamless and also abrasion resistant and in some cases it must be shock resistant. Usually a complete must is that the chemical resistant floor coating be thoroughly non-shrinking. That allows any and all spillage of chemicals to be easily cleaned as it will remain on the top surface, disallowing cracks and crevices from providing access points to the underside of the flooring system.

The very best chemical resistant floor coating that fits all of the above parameters is Silikal. The reasons are of course that it is chemically resistant to all alkalies, mineral acids, salts, organic solvents, organic compounds, as well as any kind of moisture damage occurring from excessively hot or cold water. Interestingly enough the Silikal product may be applied even if the existing floor is deteriorated from either severe chemical attack or just due to heavy traffic, either foot traffic, or even where forklifts have damaged the floor in conjunction with chemical attacks.

If you utilize non-Silikal chemical resistant floor coatings, you will find that they only have a certain range of chemical resistance, called a certain threshold of resistance. Only Silikal is a thoroughly chemical resistant floor coating which even includes gasoline and jet fuel chemical resistance.

Also, be aware that if the reason you are looking for a chemical resistant floor coating is due to the occasional splash and spill that will be cleaned up immediately, that is entirely different from chemical spills that will remain on the surface of the floor for a possible length of time. Various chemicals actually grow in strength as they evaporate, thus be sure to mention to Silikal the varieties of spills you might encounter. When you do, the Silikal contracting specialists will make sure that you are completely covered for your kind of chemical resistant floor coating required.

Much of what Silikal does to make sure you are happy with your chemical resistant floor coating is to discuss in depth what you expect that coating to accomplish. Thus when you call Silikal, you will find that a very intelligent answer is forthcoming at all times in order to meet your specific needs.

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