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Low Maintenance Flooring Options: A Helpful Hand

Low Maintenance Flooring Options & The Long Term Savings They Bring

The restaurant takes advantage of low floor maintaining options with a waterproof top coat.A uniform rests neatly atop a low maintenance option floor.

No matter what business you are in having to pay for floor maintenance is something most businessmen wish they did not have to do. Yet, all floors require some maintenance, and some more than others. For example if you own an auto shop, maintenance is going to have to go further than if you own a flower shop. However, if you own a walk in clinic for example, than you are in exceptional need of low maintenance flooring options to maintain your floors in the epitome of cleanliness as well as being extremely hygienic.

However, no matter how dire your needs are, the very best low maintenance flooring options all point to using Silikal. You see, innovative technological advances enable Silikal to propose the low maintenance flooring that any savvy businesses are seeking, but we know for sure that Silikal concrete floor coatings have the lowest maintenance of them all.

The reasons why Silikal concrete floor coatings are the best in low maintenance flooring options are many. For instance, unlike so many other flooring suppliers we do a tremendous amount of preparatory work on your existing floors, prior to installing Silikal. This means that the tiniest cracks, and the smallest concrete bumps will be fixed for you, in order to have our product be applied as smoothly as conceivable.

Once this work has been accomplished on your existing flooring that is when the highly trained installer will be able to perform what we call an adherence test. During this test, the installer will verify that there is nothing that will prevent the Silikal product from completely bonding to your substrate.

The actual application is usually pretty short termed. Once applied, you may notice that should you have selected a single mono color, there are absolutely no variations in the coloring of your floor. This is very unlike our competitors, where you will see a plethora of color variations. Should you have chosen one of Silikal’s many different finishes you will be absolutely amazed at the appearance of your flooring. No matter what effect you were seeking, such as naturals, transparencies, quartz blends, flake blends, or solid flakes, your floor will be tremendously pleasing.

What’s also interesting about a Silikal floor is that the singularly beautiful as well as decorative look that your floor will have will be totally seamless, hygienic, multi-functional and most of all amazingly tough. As you may have heard, Silikal floors frequently last beyond the life of the building they were installed in, giving continued benefits in low maintenance flooring for many decades to come.


Epoxy Concrete Repair: When A Professional Is Needed

Epoxy Concrete Repair & The Difference One Product Can Have

A professional epoxy concrete repair is visibly underway by this professional installer.Epoxied concrete over steps receives professional repairing by a certified installer.

If you are searching for epoxy concrete repair now, then it is very evident that you did not utilize Silikal to begin with. But on the other hand it’s never too late to use Silikal in making your epoxy concrete repair now, but at least it will be the last time you ever need to make such repairs.

Silikal can be had in a plethora of different styles, colors and for different conditions, unlike the “one size fits all” of other concrete floorings. Silikal can be utilized as either a solid or even as a single color concrete sealer coating system.

Your installer will undoubtedly begin by using Silikal’s Patch Repair with R17. This is a mortar best described as being totally solvent free and it is made up of a 2-component methylmethacrylate resin which has been especially formulated for its high compressive strength, as well as what is known as tensile strength, which means that it can bend to some extent as needed. The fact that this Silikal product will have very low linear shrinkage means that it will not split or fall apart the way that other resins have been known to.

Once your epoxy concrete repair is completed, you will then wish for Silikal to install its final product on your concrete so that you no longer need to be bothered by such repairs again. Its top coat has tremendously low viscosity which then serves to enhance its penetrative capacity along with the sand-sprinkled surface. It has an incredible high hardness guarantee that not only will offer you exceptional resistance to chemicals, can be made antistatic, antibacterial, resist slip and falls as well as being solvent resistant if you so desire, and in addition, it can be urine resistant and UV resistant as well.

Truly amazing and very startling is the fact that once your new Silikal epoxy concrete repair and new Silikal floor is laid, you will be able to use it in any manner you wish in one short hour. Yes, that’s how long a Silikal floor must dry or cure prior to any use. That means you could drive cars on it even if its tires are blazing hot, or you can use flooring’s greatest enemy, the forklift on it right after that short term cure, and thereafter without having to worry about ever harming that now truly tough floor.

So, why stick to dull dusty gray when you can have beautiful inviting fully enhanced colored flooring? Silikal is so special it can even put your logo embedded into your floor if you so desire!


Flooring for Office Conference Room: Lets Impress

A Flooring for Office Conference Room Prestine

A posh flooring for office conference room decor shines brightly in this office setting depicted.Conference room floorings can even be applied to steps as depicted in this office room setting.

Those who are seeking flooring for office conference room utilization usually want something that speaks of the seriousness of the consultation. This would relate to such a conference room in an attorney’s office, or perhaps a loan committee, or even a real estate closing being held at a title company. Either way the flooring for office conference room use must be extremely professional. The office itself may be a high-end traffic area but it may simply flow into the flooring for office conference room, thus sometimes all the same flooring is utilized.

Basically everyone agrees though that a conference room ought to be elegant, highly sophisticated and finally it must be durable. Thus the choice must not only be hard working but very stylish as well.

Consider well what Silikal has to offer for conference room use, after all their products are incredibly beautiful as well as durable. Their different flooring categories will bring you flooring that not only can meet your performance demands, such as possibly heavy foot traffic, yet it will still bring you the aesthetic flooring you desire.

Add to all of that the fact that Silikal has about the easiest maintenance demands of any flooring, and you will agree that Silikal is the best choice for your office flooring. As if that were not enough, Silikal also brings you flooring for office conference room use that can be personalized by reproducing your logo directly into the floor, which many title companies have done.

Note that for over 50 years Silikal has provided their clients, who themselves are often professionals, the most professional levels of service and brought them timely and clear information about their innovative quality of superb flooring selections. Silikal has continually been committed to provide flooring for office conference room utilization with the knowledge that they offer you the optimal solution for your needs.

Silikal fully understands that it is imperative that they install a floor for you that will set the right mood for your particular setting, after all your flooring for office conference room will be utilized for the business you specialize in. They wholly realize that you wish to fashion an appropriate ambiance. Silikal knows that whichever type of flooring you select, you will need to ascertain that it’s robust enough so that it can absorb the traffic that will go to your office, thus you will want it to be installed swiftly and logically you will desire for it to be easy to maintain. When you look at what Silikal has to offer you, you too will know that Silikal is the flooring you are seeking for your conference room.


High Rise Building Floor Plan: A Look into the Future

A High Rise Building Floor Plan for Quality Assurance

Employees enjoy their break atop a newly designed high rise building floor plan.Employee diligently works in a high rise building office with newly installed floor plans.

Whether you currently live or work in a high rise building office setting, surely there are many items that you would wish to change if having a high rise building floor plan were left up to you to devise. There are many who look at high rises and dislike them on sight. Asked why, usually the answer is that high rises create concrete canyons, and if they are located on the beach, they cast too big a shadow.

But what if a high rise building floor plan included tremendous green areas around it, and what if there were limits set as to how high such a building could go? Many then say that they find a high rise more feasible if those facts were in existence. Well, there, that takes care of the outside, but what of the inside?

If one is looking at an office high rise building floor plan, then surely it needs to have a very posh entry. That means that it needs to have a very nice lobby, perhaps with a fountain in the middle of it. The floor of said lobby needs to be made of maybe marble so that it appears even richer if possible. The marble needs to be made non slippery though so that those entering from the revolving doors or the side doors cannot slip and fall due to wet or snow covered feet. That’s where the idea arrives to discuss these plans with Silikal.

You see, Silikal is the number one expert on such flooring, as well as rendering it non slippery. In addition, Silikal has been known to work with the construction of fountains, sealing the fountain so that there will never, ever be any leaks. Back to the flooring, a Silikal floor also will never wear out, and will not show foot traffic, nor even develop scratches upon it!

Moving onward to the elevators now. Of course, those who design such a high rise floor plan want the elevators to also have beautiful floors, thus once more Silikal will be called upon to design the perfect flooring for the elevators. Marble is too heavy for elevators, thus they will undoubtedly come up with something that is extraordinarily elegant, yet does not bog down the elevator’s lifting forte.

Each office wants to have their own high rise building floor plan to match what their interior designers have in mind. Some want a gorgeous imported wood floor, and some want polished and stained concrete that is highly colored. Yet another office wants a floor that has their logo in the floor, and it’s a huge logo. Believe it or not, Silikal is going to please all those offices, and has the absolutely perfect product for each of them.


Industrial Concrete Stairs Have You Scared? We Can Help…

Industrial Concrete Stairs: Taking the Scare Out of the Step

Newly coated industrial concrete stairs provide egress safety to occupants.Industrial stairing over concrete recieves new top coating protection.

Of course anywhere there are stairs there is always a safety concern. However, if the industrial concrete stairs being installed are Silikal, then there really is nothing to worry about.

Worry should be placed though if your industry has industrial concrete stairs that are worn, or that are broken off along the edges. There should also be a lot of worry associated with stairs that have had those sticky pieces of plastic ‘tabs’ glued onto the stairs in order to make them, “safer.” As the saying goes, they are an accident simply waiting to happen.

There are some industrial concrete stairs that replace wooden stairs, because these industrial wooden stairs are often worn, and thus have required those non-slip treads that either stick on, or are so slippery as to actually cause skids and falls on stairs. Not only can such treads cause slips and falls, they are also ungainly – unquestionably, and extremely obnoxious to behold.

Replacing such antiquated wooden stairs with industrial concrete stairs utilizing Silikal, one notes that this remarkable flooring itself is actually entirely made of a reactive acrylic resin coating that has been treated especially to be a non-slip coating. Silikal developed it especially for safety on stairs, thus ascertaining that safety always comes first.

Imagine if you will, what Silikal industrial concrete stairs can bring you? First, it is highly wear resistant, as well as being liquid-proof. That also means that it is resistant to any kind of weathering, and provides totally electrically non-conductive stairs, which in some industries is an absolute necessity. In addition Silikal’s industrial concrete stairs offer greater resistance to either hot water, or chemicals. Best yet, when Silikal is utilized on stairs, it is exceptionally quick curing. That means that those stairs will achieve full compressive strength within a mere hour. And if your industrial concrete stairs are located outside and it is wintertime, those Silikal reactive resins will cure just as quickly, even if your space is as low as -10 °C. That also means that Silikal is also perfect for freezer floor stairways too!

Thus, if your stairs need work and need to be leveled out because the concrete has gotten bumpy, or you have broken edges on your concrete stairs, the totally wear resistant industrial concrete stairs from Silikal are your perfect answer. Because of how quickly Silikal sets, you will never have costly downtime as you would with most other products. The results of utilizing Silikal are that it will be stronger than the concrete it was applied to!