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Low Maintenance Flooring Options: A Helpful Hand

Low Maintenance Flooring Options & The Long Term Savings They Bring

The restaurant takes advantage of low floor maintaining options with a waterproof top coat.A uniform rests neatly atop a low maintenance option floor.

No matter what business you are in having to pay for floor maintenance is something most businessmen wish they did not have to do. Yet, all floors require some maintenance, and some more than others. For example if you own an auto shop, maintenance is going to have to go further than if you own a flower shop. However, if you own a walk in clinic for example, than you are in exceptional need of low maintenance flooring options to maintain your floors in the epitome of cleanliness as well as being extremely hygienic.

However, no matter how dire your needs are, the very best low maintenance flooring options all point to using Silikal. You see, innovative technological advances enable Silikal to propose the low maintenance flooring that any savvy businesses are seeking, but we know for sure that Silikal concrete floor coatings have the lowest maintenance of them all.

The reasons why Silikal concrete floor coatings are the best in low maintenance flooring options are many. For instance, unlike so many other flooring suppliers we do a tremendous amount of preparatory work on your existing floors, prior to installing Silikal. This means that the tiniest cracks, and the smallest concrete bumps will be fixed for you, in order to have our product be applied as smoothly as conceivable.

Once this work has been accomplished on your existing flooring that is when the highly trained installer will be able to perform what we call an adherence test. During this test, the installer will verify that there is nothing that will prevent the Silikal product from completely bonding to your substrate.

The actual application is usually pretty short termed. Once applied, you may notice that should you have selected a single mono color, there are absolutely no variations in the coloring of your floor. This is very unlike our competitors, where you will see a plethora of color variations. Should you have chosen one of Silikal’s many different finishes you will be absolutely amazed at the appearance of your flooring. No matter what effect you were seeking, such as naturals, transparencies, quartz blends, flake blends, or solid flakes, your floor will be tremendously pleasing.

What’s also interesting about a Silikal floor is that the singularly beautiful as well as decorative look that your floor will have will be totally seamless, hygienic, multi-functional and most of all amazingly tough. As you may have heard, Silikal floors frequently last beyond the life of the building they were installed in, giving continued benefits in low maintenance flooring for many decades to come.

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