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Poured Rubber Playground Surface: Facts for Parents

A Poured Rubber Playground Surface Protection for Kids at Play

A bright yellow indoor poured rubber playground surface enriches this interior space.A multi colored rubber poured playground surface brightens this interior daycare play area.

There was a time when playgrounds were covered with asphalt, and back then when there was a fall it usually resulted in bloodshed or even broken bones. Today we take better care of our children and their play areas, and have developed a poured rubber playground surface.

There are a great number of companies that will provide this service and they will present you with numerous diverse categories of poured rubber playground surface proposals, figures, logos, tints and hues as well as permutations that may be actually custom designed in order to meet or even magnify your existing playground theme. It is, after all a growing field. You should be aware that not every piece of your playground equipment requires the same poured rubber playground surface.

Jungle gyms, for instance because they are taller, and thus present a different fall height requirement than a seesaw may need, will receive an additional depth of poured rubber. Keep in mind too that there are always two separate layers to any poured rubber playground surface. That means that there is the top layer, which everyone is able to observe, and then below the top layer, is the cushion layer which will “give” to a certain extent should any child have a fall from the playground equipment.

Because all of these projects are already custom projects, when it comes time to actually pour the rubber onto the playground surface, you will be able to actually pick and choose the various color combinations that will be utilized. There are of course a myriad of different colors to choose from, and thus bright animated playgrounds that have poured rubber playground surface all around can certainly be somewhat of a jolly atmosphere, as it should be. Of course, you may also mix and match colors in order to create your own desired look, or you may decide to have large custom logos, specific themes or imaginative shapes that will thoroughly enrich the attractiveness of your own outdoor or perhaps indoor poured playground rubber surfaces!

Also, do not overlook the fact that custom surfacing shapes may be made out of any poured rubber playground surface. Thus if you wish all the surfaces covered with dazzling butterflies, that is more than possible, whereas many others seem to want to stick with well-known cartoon characters, though care must be taken to not break any trademark laws such as the ones that Disney has on all their characters.

If, however, what you are seeking is the best anti-slip flooring you truly ought to see what Silikal has to offer. It won’t be made of rubber, but many companies love how Silikal can put their logo into the flooring for posterity!


Floor Coverings for Historic Buildings

Floor Coverings for Historic Buildings: A Pride Continued

A new floor covering protects this historic buildings' wine sellar depicted.This historical buildings floor system has been restored with our acrylic floor coverings.

Although most historic buildings already have an existing floor, at times they do not. When they are already made of wood, it is quite acceptable to refinish the wooden floors, and thus floor coverings for historic buildings are often in the realm of having to protect wooden floors after they are refinished.

Interestingly enough there are many historic buildings that have the vestiges of their old flooring. Thus, one might run into wood floors that were adorned with pile carpeting, some of them made from rags, and others that were actually embroidered. In addition, one may find floorcloths, hooked or braided rugs, linoleum, marble, mosaics, tile and even brick. The trick is to try to match the old linoleum, tile or brick if the floors are not made of wood. Often those dealing in such historic buildings will have to turn to preservationists, engineers, and designers as well as architects and craftsmen that specialize in such restorations. As expected locating just the right floor coverings for historic buildings encompasses creating a period look, and thus it is quite a challenge to do so. What is not a challenge however, is protecting the period look once it is done. For example, let’s say that a wood floor has been terribly damaged by water intrusion, what must be done from that point on?

Of course, the damaged floor portions will be taken up but “new” wood is not going to look accurate next to the salvaged old wood. This is where restoration companies which specialize in rescued wood come in handy. These companies arrive at the tearing down of old homes, barns, churches, and anywhere where old wood was utilized, and purchase the antique wood. They then maintain these old pieces of wood in storage until floor coverings for historic buildings are needed once more.

But, once matched, the second trick is to protect said flooring of course. Assuming that the wood floor is now completely well repaired and matches the remains of the existing authentic wood, this is the point where most restorers call on Silikal. Why Silikal? Because Silikal’s products are the very best as sealing not just old wood but new wood as well putting on a sealed coating that enables everyone to admire the flooring.

Silikal’s work is absolutely perfect, even if the floor was brick, tile, marble or something else that needs to be shielded from modern scratches, dampness or other punishment. In effect, Silikal floors are so durable that they never develop wear patterns because of foot traffic over time as the old floors in the historic building did. Silikal flooring installed over the matched historic floor will not only stand up to traffic through the building, but it will constantly maintain its strength as well as its beauty.


Walk In Freezer Floors: A Layer of Difference

Walk In Freezer Floors & The Compliance’s Necessary

Bright white & green doors help keep the cold in for these featured walk in freezer floors.Freezers walked in flooring seamlessly transitions this space from kitchen area to freezer floor area.

Before you begin looking for walk in freezer floors, you should be familiar with the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, most often referred to as EISA. The Act mandated tighter controls on such items as walk in freezer floors, so that their construction was created to conserve as much energy as possible. Thus be aware that not all walk in freezer floors are EISA compliant, which would result in possible fines when inspection times roll around. There are also local freezer floor codes that may apply. All of this is in addition to needing a compliant floor that meets with compliance necessary for the FDA, ADA, OSHA as well as the USDA.

As can be imagined, dealing with a company who is not up to date on the above alphabet soup assortment of compliance for your walk in freezer floors may lead to non-compliance headaches that can only be conceived of. This is why you should deal with a company that has an extensive history of designing walk in freezer floors, such as Silikal.

Imagine, if you will a floor that is totally seamless, thus it bonds to any existing substrates, including metal that is virtually impossible to separate. In addition, imagine walk in freezer floors that after installation will harden or “cure” in less than on hour? Then that freezer floor is perfectly ready for use! That is what Silikal delivers.

For decades now, countless businesses involved in industrial food processing have utilized Silikal’s commercial freezer floor designs for the custom freezer floors they needed. After all, those floor systems are state-of-the-art. Only Silikal can cure in the extreme low temperatures of your freezer without any damage. Also, by being totally VOC free that means that work can continue in other parts of your facility without any problems.

Previous freezer floor designs you may have had probably presented a hug problem when it came time for maintenance and cleaning, but Silikal freezer floor designs are absolutely monolithic, and closed pore. In addition, to ensure workplace safety, Silikal freezer floor designs are anti-skid. As such, a Silikal freezer floor can shrug off the impact of any heavy loads located on lesser regions of your freezer.

Surely too, you are only too aware of the harsh cleaning agents necessary to maintain your freezer floor as it should? Silikal’s reactive resins will yield tremendous resistance to those, ensuring you decades of great value for your investment. This is why Silikal has been the mainstay for freezer floors found in all food processing industries for decades now.


Best Flooring for Commercial Bar?

The Best Flooring for Commercial Bar Design

A commercial bar floor shows off its best decor before the rush.A commercial bar flooring gives its best light display for dancing patrons.

If you own a commercial bar, you may well want to find the best flooring for commercial bar. If for example you own a swank new brasserie, you may be searching for something that represents a brasserie. That means that you will want design touches that emphasize perhaps late night drinking while listening to vintage soul and old rhythms as well as the newer alternative rock and roll. On the other hand, if you are in a swanky area of town, you may wish to tone down the music, and maybe have a soft feminine singer sitting at a piano creating a feeling of a laid back lounge effect with foods flowing effortlessly from waiters and waitresses that do not ever interrupt the customers yet are ready to serve them at a nod. The best flooring for either of those will, of course, be entirely different.

For example for the brasserie which will be louder and funkier, you may wish to have some kind of stone floor installed so that the rustic look of a brasserie flourishes among the stone. Stone floors are one of the best flooring for commercial bar because the floor then can be protected by Silikal’s full lifetime of the building non wearing flooring solutions. Imagine that brasserie’s floor covered with river rock that is amazingly beautiful, but then the floor continues upward into various fountains where water flows freely over the river rocks. Let’s face it; the ambiance would be absolutely extraordinary. Next to some of the fountains would be living plants that will keep down some sounds so that the music does not blare over the various discussions that the clientele is having with each other as they visit and drink.

Moving on to the swankier bar with the professional chanteuse crooning soft romantic songs, now there the best flooring for commercial bar may well be a wooden floor that has been protected with Silikal’s special floor coating sealant. Wood is after all, beautiful and brings a certain coziness to any establishment where people may gather. Once Silikal has covered the wooden floor with a shine that is awesome but also slip resistant, cleanups will be amazingly simple. Spilled beer or wine will wipe up immediately and if a tray full of food is accidentally spilled, it will clean up in the wink of an eye. What results from the use of Silikal over wood is that you now have wood that will never suffer gouges and dents from even spike heels.

Over that gorgeous wooden floor lies the reactive resin bar flooring that is not only durable, but will require very little to perhaps no repair over its lifetime. Your customers will dance on it without ever harming it, and a good time will be had by all, thanks to Silikal.