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Interior Concrete Sealant: A Choice Worth Considering

Interior Concrete Sealants & The Pallet of Choice They Bring

Interior concrete sealants protect this interior office concrete from daily wear and tear.Interior sealants for concrete add beauty and character to this low rising steps.

Often it is discussed online why have an interior concrete sealant? To some it makes sense to have an exterior concrete sealant, after all one wishes to protect concrete from the salts that a concrete area will get during the winter, but why protect concrete from anything on the interior? First consider the spills that concrete is subjected to such as dirty water, rusty water, oil spills and the like. Dirty water coming from just simple cleaning infiltrates through concrete so that eventually the concrete has a terrible odor emanating from it. It also stains concrete so that it becomes appallingly unattractive.

Another reason of course why one would use an interior concrete sealant would be to enhance the concrete floor, for today the colors and the shine that they can give concrete stagger even interior decorators with the complexities of choices available. Preserving the concrete is of course important but all concrete goes through a natural weathering process even when it is interior concrete. Thus an interior concrete sealant can stop concrete from looking pitted, and stop it from making concrete dust. Even inside a structure, concrete can go through spalling. This causes larger chunks of concrete to fall off and poor curing ordinarily causes it. It is unsightly and of course it’s also dangerous as it frequently causes falls.

The very best interior concrete sealant there is is Silikal. First of all it is USDA approved flooring, and that’s because it protects your floors from algae growth, bacteria, fungus and mold. Silikal flooring fits the demands of chemical processing plants all the way to food preparation locales. Silikal floors can be found in beverage processing, dairies, commercial kitchens, restaurants, and even businesses that make drugs for both humans and veterinary needs. That is because those floors are non-skid, easily maintained, and anti microbial as well as being able to withstand any heavy traffic, even forklifts!

Imagine a floor that is thermal shock resistant? That’s correct; Silikal can even be utilized in the freezers and cooler floors of those businesses. It is because Silikal is completely non-porous that it is a wholly seamless flooring surface thus water borne pests, dirt and bacteria simply cannot attach to the floor. In addition, one of the most important factors with regard to Silikal is that once it is laid in your particular facility, any work can be begun within one hour. That means that no business, no matter what, will need to close down for the lengthy time other floors take to set up, sometimes even as long as 72 hours!

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