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Deck Flooring & The Expansion of Space

A Deck Flooring System for Year Round Enjoyment

Close up view of a metal deck support surrounded by a poured deck flooring system.Stairs lead to a poured deck flooring system both displaying a beautiful grey white floor design.

With what has happened to the economy lately, many are staying in homes and businesses that do not have all of the accouterments that they would like in a newer venue. Thus, they decide to expand their real estate’s outdoor living space instead. Those with two or three stories to their commercial establishments are building decks for their upstairs business so that customers can enjoy the great outdoors in total privacy. However, constructing wooden decks with planking unfortunately does not transform the space below the deck into something useful, especially when it rains. If only one could have deck flooring that does not allow water to run through the gaps in the deck?

Imagine if instead, one could have yet another patio underneath, one that was dry enough to use when it rained, or perhaps have a hot tub below away from cold rainy weather? Some business owners use the space below as storage or perhaps a carport with a circular drive so that customers can be dropped off in bad weather and remain dry. But this can only happen if you can keep water from coursing through the cracks and fissures that a wooden deck presents.

A wooden deck also means that it will eventually warp, rot and crack, and need to be waterproofed constantly as well as stained or painted too. That means a lot of time taken away from the owner who would rather see customers sunbathing on that deck rather than watching workers work on that deck flooring. It also means that money will have to be spent over and over again to maintain the flooring of that deck.

There is a product available today though that saves the real estate owner from all that expensive maintenance and seemingly endless extensive repairs to that deck. That product is very easily utilized, will go up in only one day, and will thoroughly and completely seal that deck so that guests can enjoy both the top and below the deck!

Restaurants have been creating such decks for a long time with this product, and have created lovely dining areas on top and below the decks. Schools also have utilized this method, and country clubs love having the space under the decks for storage while the top of the decks are utilized by the country club members.

This amazing product that allows all of those examples is Silikal. You see, Silikal completely and totally seals the deck so that there are never leaks or water coming through the deck. Thus the area below the deck is always kept completely dry. Silikal is absolutely non-porous and is perfect for the extreme conditions found on a rooftop, as it is impervious to rain, snow, ice and it cannot harbor mold as decks often do. There is no downtime either if you have a venue or some other commercial venture. The flooring is tremendously easy to keep clean and even more importantly, it is a non-slip floor. Thus your help as well as your visitors can come and go without worrying about slip and falls with this amazing deck flooring!

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