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Self Leveling Floor Underlayment: A Below Deck Dream

Self Leveling Floor Underlayment Finds Purpose In Old Floor Restoration

A self leveling floor underlayment saved this kitchen floor from needing costly removal of old tiles.A large kitchen prevented costly downtime by utilizing a self leveling underlay flooring.

Often people think that the only kind of underlayment there can be is the padding that goes under a carpet, but in essence that’s what an underlayment does and that’s where it got its name from as it lays under something else. There are some concrete floors that are very severely damaged, thus prior to laying a floor down over it, something has to be done to make it stable enough to receive some floor treatment or other. Often a shotblaster becomes the proper solution to those larger problem floor conditions. A shotblaster is a mechanical machine that literally shoots various sized shot at the flooring so that eventually the floor is basically flat and debris free as possible all ready to receive a self leveling floor underlayment. The shotblaster has its own vacuum system, thus clean up of debris is nominal at best.

As you can imagine having a self-leveling floor underlayment is of extreme importance. At least the self-leveling part of it is. Basically in a liquid form, a self-leveling floor underlayment will seek its own level, much as water does, so that when dried or cured, it creates a completely flat underlayment.

There are definitely exceptions though to having to use a self leveling floor underlayment which could save a tremendous amount of time should an underlayment found to be unnecessary, not to mention the cost that could be saved. For instance, when you have Silikal come to you to give you an estimate, they may well respond that instead of using an underlayment, that instead their product known as SILIKAL® R 62 resin may be utilized instead. This Silikal product is actually a reactive, slightly elasticized resin that can actually be utilized for self-leveling coatings. This then can actually bypass the underlayment process entirely, saving a great deal of time, energy, and cost.

The above named Silikal product is actually characterized by good quality flow properties. Do take note of the word elastic in the description. This is extremely important when using the product on wooden floors that could conceivably move ever so slightly when weight is put on them. By being slightly elasticized this will not cause the resin to break at any time. This kind of advanced product is what has made Silikal rise to be at the very top of flooring products as you can well imagine. Their constant laboratory tests have made their products the best in the world.

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