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Hygienic Floor Coatings: A Coating That Truly Protects

Hygienic Floor Coatings For Healthcare

Assistant prepares a patient for dental work with confidence knowing her new hygienic floor coating is doing its job.Operating room rests at ease with newly installed hygienic floor coatings.

Whether you have a clinic, a Doctor’s office, a Dentist’s office, or you are the owner of a large hospital or somehow connected to the pharmaceutical industry, you may be very interested in finding hygienic floor coatings. Silikal as a worldwide flooring solution provider, proud to deliver the exact kind of flooring you are seeking whether you are in need of either commercial or industrial flooring. Silikal makes industry proven recommendations for all the above offices using the product that Silikal makes especially for hygienic flooring.

For example with regard to our healthcare flooring You will notice that bacteria as well as mold cannot grow on a Silikal floor, and is exceptionally easy to keep clean.

Another of our sites shows you our operating room floors. We emphasize that our floors are totally seamless as well as non-porous, two absolutely necessary parts of operating room flooring. Note too that it is an aid to sound control, something every hospital strongly cares about. Do also take note that our flooring is impervious to spills such as iodine containing solutions or blood. This is a concern that all hospitals take very seriously as well.

Silikal is exceedingly proud to say we offer a range of excellent choices in hygienic floor coatings. Each of these provides great durability which is important to any practice, as well as delivering an easily cleaned product that in and of itself creates a very bright attractive environment for both your workers and your patients.

It is important for those in the health industry to realize that all Silikal products are made so that they actually exceed LEED guidelines. Thus with this product you become one step closer to environmental stewardship.

You cannot imagine what a Silikal floor will do for your practice, available in multi-colored flakes or even matt finishes, all Silikal floors are solvent free, which today is of supreme importance especially in health conscious businesses. In addition, you probably will notice that after you have your Silikal floors installed, the high light reflection won’t diminish the flooring colors over time as we have thought of that too. And that’s just one extra bonus you can expect when you use Silikal for your hygienic floor coatings!

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