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Concrete Coatings For Driveways

Concrete Coatings for Driveways: Strength Isn’t Always In the Foundation

Industrial garage depicted displaying new concrete coating extending from garage to driveway.New car rests atop a new concrete coating designed specifically for driveways.

Driveways – the most common driveway of yore was to have a gravel driveway. What this meant was digging up the area, for as deep as you wanted the driveway to be, then using vibrations from a vibrating plate to mash down the dirt and then using leftover rock as a base before finally putting in the gravel. It was a huge amount of work, gravel seemed to always disappear from the driveway, and often was subject to washouts during heavy rains, and the work had to be redone all over again.

Driveways then received an improvement, and driveways were made of asphalt. Now asphalt is a mixture of things, but basically it contains 80% carbon. Now you know why asphalt is black. Sulfur and a few other minerals are in asphalt. The tar is mixed with an aggregate such as perhaps sand or gravel. It is then laid down after it is heated, and a steamroller presses it down. So now you have a driveway made of asphalt. Problems do occur with asphalt though. For instance it bears the weight of your automobiles, which crack it, and literally the elements can wear out asphalt. Worse yet is freezing and thawing up north, which also makes asphalt crack and creates potholes through the expansion and contraction of trapped moisture.

Now, along come concrete coatings for driveways. Unlike the problems with the other driveways mentioned above, with concrete there are no fears about weeds, erosion, weather or actually any other problems with nature trying to ruin that beautiful driveway.

Using a product called Silikal will enable the Silikal contractor to give the concrete coatings for driveways the appearance and color of stone, or even a marble, terra cotta or travertine finish. The Silikal worker can duplicate grout lines, all manner of natural shadows, and even bring forth mottled textures to the concrete so that it appears to be totally authentic. No one using that driveway will be able to tell that it is not real tile, or some kind of real stonework.

Probably the best news yet about concrete coatings for driveways is that they absolutely do not fall apart. Those driveways will be there probably longer than the building that they drive up to. Thus, no matter what business you have be it a motel, hotel or restaurant in need of a very nice driveway, be sure and turn down gravel driveways, or asphalt driveways, and instead say yes to Silikal concrete coatings for driveways!

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