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Protective Fluid Foundation Systems Explored

A Protective Fluid Foundation For Today’s World

Large production facility with complex assembly line shows the value of a protective fluid foundation installed with efficiency.Complex machinery inside large open space gives visual example of the necessity for protective fluid foundation systems.

A protective fluid foundation sounds complicated, but it really is not, though attaining it might be rather complicated if you do not utilize the correct products. A protective fluid foundation is actually nothing more than construction talk for a water-based waterproofed foundation to a building.

Some formulations of such protective fluid foundation are nothing more than a single step, fully liquid applied, waterproofing membrane that is even water based, that is sprayed along the exterior of the foundation walls of an edifice under construction. The formulation ordinarily consists of an elastomeric waterproofer as well as a sealer. Of course they also have a high solids content so that it can properly seal the concrete or the foam insulation, or the polystyrene insulation board as the particular construction method demands.

Once dried, these formulations will cure into a fully seamless, non-deteriorating rubber film or membrane, which will then expand and contract when subject to variable temperatures. Most of these protective fluid foundation formulations do not contain volatile or unsafe solvents. Thus these formulations are referred to as VOC compliant. That is important as it means that it has eliminated any environmental and health considerations that may arise during the application.

Silikal, whose products are incredibly well known and highly trusted in the construction world, carries one of these protective fluid foundation formulations. They offer highly effective dampproofing as well as wall waterproofing that is actually applied in a liquid state, directly on the construction site, however it cures in a startlingly short space of time which allows for construction contractors to move forward without having to wait a long time for the foundation to dry. This results in little to absolutely no time delay on that building site, and in today’s world time is money.

Due to Silikal’s immensely low permeability, it will completely prevent water, air and even chemical transmission that would lead to mold and mildew growth along the foundation. In addition it will protect against many bacteria, algae, fungi, radon gasses and other detrimental agents that may be carried through by normal and common soil conditions. In addition, the product cures into a highly flexible state. That means that it can actually bridge any cracks that may occur in the future because it is a flexible membrane.

You will find that the Silikal scientists work night and day to find new improvements to such products as flooring and even protective fluid foundation products. Silikal is truly an amazing company.

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