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Archive for August, 2012

Sanitary Floor Drain Design: Old Practice Is Best Practice

Sanitary Floor Drain Design & Keeping Surfaces Safe

A sanitary floor drain design keeps this poured restaurant floor sparkling clean.Flooring drains for sanitation protect this kitchen surface from any design of harm that may come from standing water, or spilled product.

If your business entails any liquids chances are that you are seeking the very best sanitary floor drain design. In addition, you are going to wish for the flooring to go by way of a sanitary flooring as well. However, prior to getting to the flooring a bit of instruction will help you understand the terms utilized.

For instance when speaking of an indirect waste pipe, it means some sort of pipe that is not connected in a direct manner to your waste system. In other words the waste liquid discharges into some kind of plumbing fixture such as a floor sink, or an indirect waste receptor. Both of these are done so that there exists an air gap in order to prevent contamination of foods. Keep in mind that such a receptor must have a corrosion resistant and easy to clean smooth interior surface. Flooring must also be easy to clean and smooth to go with the above.

The cleanest and safest floor available is Silikal which obviously goes well with an indirect waste pipe or actually any sanitary floor drain design. You see Silikal is installed in such a way that the water has but one place to go, and that is down the drain. It will not seep under the flooring where it can putrefy and cause vermin or at least mildew and other unwanted growths.

Now if you are seeking a sanitary floor drain design, then that means that you are in business. Being in business you will greatly appreciate the fact that when you use the Silikal product for your flooring, you will not need to shut down business operations for a couple of day, a weekend, or even 3-4 hours, for all it takes Silikal to cure or harden, is but one hour.

Additionally, Silikal is completely safe to utilize around food, as it is 100% completely free of any VOCs, which are Volatile Organic Compounds. Be careful if you are told that such and such a product has low VOCS. Just how low must such VOCs be for you to trust them? Please ascertain that your floors receive a no VOC product only with Silikal.

Wherever a sanitary floor drain design is needed means that water will be involved, and water and floors means slips and falls. Thus you will be more than relieved that Silikal is a product that is utilized in the slipperiest of wet conditions, such as on boat & vessel hulls that go out to sea.

And since Silikal flooring is totally non-porous, your cleaning staff will be inordinately pleased with having to clean a Silikal floor. Now, do not share this with your cleaning staff, but Silikal floors are the easiest in the world to keep clean.


Cement Coating Products: Where to Begin?

Cement Coating Products & The Options They Offer

Cement coating products protect this floor while cooks begin their morning prep work.A tiled wall meets our superb coating product designed for cement in this close up view.

If you are searching for cement coating products, and have looked at the Internet, one thing is for certain; you are aghast at how many products there are and wonder which is really best? If this is so, hopefully this will help you to decide.

Depending on your purpose for seeking cement coating products, you will need to mentally set down your goals first. For instance do you wish to find cement coating products that are right for a car dealership, an animal hospital, commercial restrooms, or a laboratory where you will definitely need chemical resistant flooring? Is one of your goals that it absolutely must be anti or non-skid? Must the correct cement coating products that you seek be antibacterial and hygienic? What about urine resistant, antistatic, or UV resistant? Perhaps you are considering only a totally waterproof product?

However, after you resolve all those questions, chances are very good that you will want a product that does not take days before you can use it, and you will probably want a product that is attractive as well as functional, and finally you will want a product that is at the top of its class for being durable. Actually no matter what type of flooring you are seeking when looking at cement coating products, there is only one product that can fulfill all those needs and even more. That is a product called Silikal.

It will never harbor mold or bacteria, and it can withstand any condition as outlined above. It will last a lifetime, yet it can cure in less than one hour, and after it cures, you can even run a car on it, or even a forklift. A Silikal floor is always safe, no matter what lays upon it, and many are shocked to hear that it can even withstand jet fuel on it, thus it’s perfect for industrial garages as well as aircraft hangers.

If you are seeking cement coating products because you are tired of having dust rise from your current cement, your dust worries will definitely be over. Should your existing cement have cracks, holes, ruptures or chips in it currently, the quality licensed applicator of Silikal will take complete care of it, and you will never be bothered by those again. Silikal is a synthetic resin unlike no other. It is made from a secret formula called enhanced MMA, thus do not be swayed by our competitors who only utilize MMA. In addition, our top quality product called Silikal truly goes beyond LEED flooring guidelines therefore you will also receive an environmental stewardship.