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Flooring For Office Building: Whats On Your Floor?

A Flooring for Office Building Design

Office building flooring protects this desk area with a superb acrylic poured resin system.This office park floor system brings a calming appeal to the space shown.

Those who are seeking flooring for office building use may have to take into consideration that thoughtless flooring choices may create possible problems, depending on your selection. For example imported tile is beautiful; however tile may be too slippery for use as flooring for office building application. Or, you may have mentally rejected using linoleum, sheet vinyl, or even possibly vinyl composition tile because it is in no way representational of the professional formula you seek.

Today, many office spaces are using Silikal covered seamless flooring systems. First of all in an office, chairs can then move about and roll wherever the user wishes without harming the floor. Silikal flooring is extremely simple to keep clean, is aesthetically pleasing, and above all is an eminently durable flooring. Even if your flooring for office building is going in a high rise office structure, that is not even remotely difficult for Silikal. It is easily installed in small offices without the use of large equipment, and because Silikal has no VOC’s, Silikal is a green product that can be utilized indoors with no ill effects whatsoever.

After the appalling tragedy of 9/11, flooring for office building and for high rise office buildings changed, and thus there are many updated flooring for office building use code laws. Today safety for all workers who work in such commercial high rises are mandated by these laws, and some of them are very challenging to those who work with flooring. This then is yet another reason why Silikal should be considered as the prime flooring for office building utilization. Silikal, you see, stays abreast of all of your local code laws, in addition to remaining very affordable and cost effective because of the amazing durability that keeps the flooring fresh for literally decades to come.

You will also find that only Silikal takes into account the textures and conditions of your existing flooring, because Silikal knows that diverse existing floor surfaces will have diverse needs. Prior to installation of our products, Silikal takes the necessary time to carefully inspect the existing floor to ascertain what work needs to be done before installation of Silikal.

Silikal’s flooring for office building goes on easily, even in the most cramped of office spaces, requiring absolutely no large equipment, which may be an important factor. Once applied, it takes only one hour to cure, meaning it’s ready to be worked upon even if there are multitudes of rolling chairs, heavy filing equipment, or whatever…when that hour is up…you are ready to go back to work.

In addition, once Silikal flooring systems are installed you will never again need to worry about repairs or premature replacement of your flooring. Chances are that the Silikal flooring will even outlast the lifetime of the office building!

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