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Industrial Concrete Staircases Present Safety First

Industrial Concrete Staircases: A step Above the Rest

Industrial concrete staircases allow safe passage to and from for this large warehouse facility.Concrete staircases for industrial and commercial use require a poured floor system for superior protection such as this L shaped stairway.

If you are searching for the best industrial concrete staircases, you have definitely come to the right place. It is a well-known fact that that industrial concrete staircases are quite different from staircases found in homes, and even office buildings.

For instance, some industrial concrete staircases are there only for emergencies, so that those needing them have an egress to leave the building in an emergency, and the help needed such as firemen or other emergency workers have an access to whatever floor they are needed. Those kinds of industrial concrete staircases may even be completely out of sight until an emergency arises and then they are needed by everyone for safety reasons.

It really does not matter their function, either way the form work on them needs to meet all code requirements, and there are even code requirements for what covers those staircases as well. No matter whether staircases are precast or poured on site, the building departments check them all, making sure that risers are even and other requirements as well.

As a matter of fact today there are a plethora of industrial concrete staircases to choose from. For instance, one may wish to have a reinforced concrete staircase in the form of a spiral, others have even designed reinforced concrete staircases that feature a half turn. Of course structural requirements as well as architectural specifications must always be followed no matter what kind of staircase is being made. Naturally, customer tastes are going to prevail as well.

Once industrial concrete staircases are constructed, protecting the concrete is what is important. The very best protection for those concrete stairs and landings is of course Silikal. First of all Silikal is the perfect leveling material for making stairs, including being a completely frost proof replacement for the concrete that is found in stairway entrances to refrigerated structures. In fact, having a winter work site is simple for Silikal reactive resins, as with temperatures as low as –10 °C, the Silikal reactive resin mortars will still cure incredibly quickly, and there are even special grades that can even cure in temperatures as low as –25 °C! Even more importantly, Silikal covered concrete staircases will last longer than the buildings there are installed in.

Thus, whether you need industrial concrete staircases for emergency reasons, or as egress or ingress into your industrial complex, you will find that Silikal is highly wear resistant at all times, is resistant to any weathering, and will achieve its full compressive strength all within one hour. There is nothing better than Silikal reactive resins for your stairs, or in fact for all your concrete needs.

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