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Floor Coverings for Home Gym Spaces

Floor Coverings for Home Gym: How Not to Feel the Burn

Woman jogs on row of treadmills covering this home gym floor space.A seamless floor covering dawns this home gym space.Garmets rest atop newly installed covered floors in this home gym.

If you are seeking floor coverings for home gym use on the Internet, you will find so many possibilities that you are bound to be rather perplexed. Although they are not quite the same, the first thing that you will probably run into are rubber flooring rolls, as well as interlocking rubber flooring tiles, thus let’s review them first.

Whether you are at a professional gym, or a home gym, one of the things that happen at gyms is that the users sweat. When they sweat, it rolls off of them or drips off of them, and with rubber floor coverings for home gym use, that sweat is going to get under that rubber. We both know what a gym smells like, and part of the reason is that human sweat permeates everything, but mostly it is because that sweat has gotten under the rubber utilized as flooring. At first it’s not noticeable, but eventually it sours and that is because under the rubber is a plethora of staph germs and fungus that has seeped under the rubber due to minute little crevices made in the rubber. They are just pinhole openings, but they are enough to even allow MRSA to multiply under the rubber. There is a way, of course, to prevent those problems with rubber flooring and that is to pull up those mats on a daily basis, clean them with a strong disinfectant, put them up to dry completely until needed once more, but you want floor coverings for home gym use, thus it is very doubtful you want to constantly clean flooring!

Undoubtedly linoleum tiles are your next find. However remember that you are trying to outfit a home gym, and you probably will have weights there. Weights are often dropped, sometimes accidentally and sometimes because you simply cannot do another repetition. When weights are dropped, the same thing happens to linoleum tiles. Tiny cracks open up and create even tinier fissures in the linoleum, and the same problem finally exists once more with the odors, the staph, and the fungus.

Wood floors for a home gym are simply gorgeous. However there are two reasons why it is not often a good choice for floor coverings for home gym use. First of all, wood is extremely slippery when wet, thus it invites difficulties you do not wish to encounter. Next, wood is not waterproof either, and thus you would have to cover it with rubber matting while in use, which totally defeats the purpose of considering wood. Lastly, as previously mentioned weights can be dropped, moved, kicked or slid across leaving nasty scratches to deal with.

Finally, there is Silikal. A Silikal concrete coating is first of all completely functional as well as beautiful. It is non-porous, hygienic and most of all particularly simple to keep clean. Most important it is pinhole free and completely seamless, thus none of the above can happen to it. In addition it is slip resistant and it is even one of the safest floors to exercise upon. And you won’t believe how durable it is, even if you drop a hundred pound barbell on it, it won’t even scratch Silikal!

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