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Best Flooring for Commercial Bar?

The Best Flooring for Commercial Bar Design

A commercial bar floor shows off its best decor before the rush.A commercial bar flooring gives its best light display for dancing patrons.

If you own a commercial bar, you may well want to find the best flooring for commercial bar. If for example you own a swank new brasserie, you may be searching for something that represents a brasserie. That means that you will want design touches that emphasize perhaps late night drinking while listening to vintage soul and old rhythms as well as the newer alternative rock and roll. On the other hand, if you are in a swanky area of town, you may wish to tone down the music, and maybe have a soft feminine singer sitting at a piano creating a feeling of a laid back lounge effect with foods flowing effortlessly from waiters and waitresses that do not ever interrupt the customers yet are ready to serve them at a nod. The best flooring for either of those will, of course, be entirely different.

For example for the brasserie which will be louder and funkier, you may wish to have some kind of stone floor installed so that the rustic look of a brasserie flourishes among the stone. Stone floors are one of the best flooring for commercial bar because the floor then can be protected by Silikal’s full lifetime of the building non wearing flooring solutions. Imagine that brasserie’s floor covered with river rock that is amazingly beautiful, but then the floor continues upward into various fountains where water flows freely over the river rocks. Let’s face it; the ambiance would be absolutely extraordinary. Next to some of the fountains would be living plants that will keep down some sounds so that the music does not blare over the various discussions that the clientele is having with each other as they visit and drink.

Moving on to the swankier bar with the professional chanteuse crooning soft romantic songs, now there the best flooring for commercial bar may well be a wooden floor that has been protected with Silikal’s special floor coating sealant. Wood is after all, beautiful and brings a certain coziness to any establishment where people may gather. Once Silikal has covered the wooden floor with a shine that is awesome but also slip resistant, cleanups will be amazingly simple. Spilled beer or wine will wipe up immediately and if a tray full of food is accidentally spilled, it will clean up in the wink of an eye. What results from the use of Silikal over wood is that you now have wood that will never suffer gouges and dents from even spike heels.

Over that gorgeous wooden floor lies the reactive resin bar flooring that is not only durable, but will require very little to perhaps no repair over its lifetime. Your customers will dance on it without ever harming it, and a good time will be had by all, thanks to Silikal.

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