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Floor Resurfacing: A Face Lift to Last

Floor Resurfacing Takes A New Look at Restoration

An old kitchen tile floor is scheduled for over night resurfacing.Resurfaced kitchen flooring coats the once old tile floor.

No matter what kind of business you have, floor resurfacing is no picnic. With many resurfacings, you need to close down your business for however many days it will take not only to install the new flooring surface, but for it to be ready to go back to work. In the business of flooring and floor resurfacing, this is referred to as curing the floor.

Also, depending on whom you hire, and what the product consists of, you will be asked to remove everything that might get in the way, and also to completely clean your own floors. It is important for you to realize that this cleaning ought not to be for you to accomplish, but it should all be a part of the floor resurfacing company to accomplish.

For instance, let’s assume that you own a restaurant, and the kitchen badly requires floor resurfacing. Perhaps long ago, it was a tile floor, but today, you are always finding tile that has popped up, because dirty water has gone under the tile, causing it not only to loosen but to allow all manner of food to decay below. Chances are your kitchen has even been cited for not being clean, but it was hopeless to try to clean it in the state it was in.

Thus, now you’ve shopped around, looked into numerous products, and finally you have settled on the very best product. The Silikal crew comes into your kitchen and begins work as soon as the restaurant closes for the night, and they begin to do meticulous cleaning, making sure that not one speck of grease remains. Once thoroughly cleaned, the floor resurfacing continues by having the loose tiles removed, and the areas bare of tile prepared so that the deteriorated concrete can be fixed. Then, at that point the Silikal primer is installed. What that will do is to provide the bond to the existing floor as well as become the foundation for the rest of the Silikal installation.

Once the primer is installed, the coving begins to be run from the floor and up the wall which will eventually give it the wonderful appearance that coved flooring can bring to a professional kitchen installation. Then the colored product is put onto the floor, followed by the topcoat seal. As amazing as it may seem, Silikal will then completely set up and be ready for the early return of the breakfast crew, as Silikal only takes one trivial hour to cure on a floor before it can be returned to work, no matter what kind of work will be involved.

There will be no more slipping, sliding, or falling in that kitchen, and clean-up will be a breeze. There will also be no more tiles popping up, and no more citations for not having your kitchen floors clean. Possibly best yet, Silikal will remain on that floor possibly longer than the building around it will, that’s how permanent Silikal is. So, no matter what floor resurfacing you must do, be sure and look at Silikal, you’ll be so glad you did !

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