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Restaurant Floors Concrete: How to Provide the Proper Protection

The Restaurant Floors Concrete Dilemma

Restaurant floors concrete coatings add to the setting for these buffet patrons.Concrete restaurant flooring protected by a superior poured floor give slip resistant protection for these busy waiters & waitresses.

99.9% of restaurant floors constructed today are surely made out of concrete, so when speaking of restaurant flooring, concrete figures predominantly in them. As to what goes on top of the concrete restaurant floors, now that’s the question that many restaurant owners need to face and question.

Some owners look at the restaurant floors concrete and envision being able to mix and match tiles with all manner of singular colors and thus being able to fashion appealing patterns on both the kitchen flooring and their restaurant flooring, The thing is that if a restaurant owner chooses tile, then they must make certain that each and every joint is properly sealed because grout can and will permit all manner of seepage and even allow food and other debris to lodge in those gaps between the tile. What happens next is that the grout begins to smell, and it changes color as well appearing dirty and filthy. There will also be dirty water seepage under the floor tiles, which will begin to pop out. Also, if not sealed, tile is incredibly slippery if either water or grease lands on it even if it is considered non-slip tile. Thus, if you see tiles in your mind’s eye, that’s fine but be sure and have Silikal seal the tiles so that you can rest assured they are properly sealed and will have slip resistance.

Other owners will see the restaurant floors concrete look and think that they need an older style appearance, and thus will want to put hardwood floors atop that concrete. The exact same scenario will happen with wood, as it needs to be properly sealed with Silikal in order to prevent water and grease seepage under that wood. Silikal not only does a perfect job at sealing, but it also brings out the natural beauty of the wood floor besides giving it a very eye-appealing polish.

Still other owners will look at the restaurant floors concrete look and envision stained concrete. Silikal can also do that, giving the floors in that restaurant exactly the “look” that the owners have envisioned for the perfect ambiance to take place. Be mindful that even stained concrete will need to have a concrete stain sealer applied. In addition to stained concrete, some owners have decided that they want the look of the floor to be stone or river rock flooring, some even opting for marble. “Real” marble of course is a terrible choice for a restaurant, as it stains so easily and is one of the most slippery of choices.

Silikal takes care of sealing all those, as well as creating a marble floor that only has the appearance of marble. Silikal is actually all those floors and more! With Silikal you can create the appearance you desire, as it is one of the greatest design elements available for restaurant flooring.

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