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Best Flooring Resist Dog Urine for Kennel Floors

Best Flooring Resistant to Dog Urine Provides Kennels Better Options

A dog rests well atop the best flooring to resist dog urine as his kennel maintains total cleanliness.A dog kennel access hallway proudly displays the best resist flooring for dog urine.

Whenever flooring is being discussed, the question frequently arises asking, “Can the best flooring resist dog urine?” It is an excellent question as man’s best friend sometimes either has accidents on good flooring, or is being kept in a kennel where dog urine unfortunately has to be cleaned off the flooring found in there.

Often those asking that question have hardwood floors, and either have a brand new untrained puppy, or an older dog whose memory wanes so it forgets where it needs to “go.” Dog urine stains are unfortunately relatively easy to spot on hardwood floors as the moisture and the uric acid certainly are easy to tell once dried. Not only does the dog urine leave a stain, but also it unfortunately leaves a horrible scent. Now granted if you “catch” the dog urinating on your wooden floor, it’s pretty easy to clean that up without leaving a mark, but dogs know better than to urinate on your wooden floor, thus they tend to “hide” the fact that they are doing it, so you won’t find the damage until it’s too late.

So back to “can the best flooring resist dog urine?” Apparently the answer is definitely not wooden floors, not even well treated ones.

Moving forward with “can the best flooring resist dog urine?” we run into tile. Tile flooring is simply beautiful and dogs even like to run on it and it is known that tile systems will never have breakdowns of the product that allows dirt, watery products, mold and bacteria to grow underneath it, or will it? If the entire floor was tile, there would be no infiltration of dog urine, but unfortunately tile also means that there must be grout involved, and grout will allow dog urine to get under that tile. And then too, in addition an odor problem develops under tile. Along with that odor comes the break down of the grout due to the acidic nature of pet urine. It is only a matter of time before the grout becomes a serious issue in need of tile repair or replacement.

At this point, the question of “can the best flooring resist dog urine?” is being questioned with the sound of a plaintive whine being heard in it, thus we hurry past all manner of sticky tiles, rubber mats, and even urethane products. Though there is a possibility that some urethane products might have sufficed, the VOCs they put out may very well make our pet ill, or worse yet make us ill. VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds, and none of us want to breathe that!

At last the question is asked one more time, and this time we come up with an answer that is accompanied by a wide smile. Silikal! We shout out loud, and the interested eyebrows go up and we rush to continue. Silikal seals off completely, there is nowhere for dog urine to go, thus it can’t make those awful smells. Go check it out; you’ll be very happily surprised!

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