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Thin Cement Overlay: A Coating System with Strength

A Thin Cement Overlay System Able to Handle Any Hardship

A facility thin cement overlay system sparkles beneath rows of production assembly lines.A thin overlay for cement floor system protects this factory floor from all manner of abuse.

When you are looking at flooring and you hear thin cement overlay, you may turn your nose up at it, figuring that the word “thin” is actually defeating your purpose of wanting to thoroughly protect the cement/concrete that will be under that thin cement overlay. However, what you do not fully comprehend yet is that a thin cement overlay is comprised of cement, various aggregate such as calcium carbonate, silica or sand, and in addition a polymer.

Polymers are what will give this overlay strength. What is a polymer, you may ask? Basically it is acrylic glue. This is what will allow this overlay to thoroughly and completely bond to the substrate, which is your existing concrete or even wooden floor. Now, the overlay will have its performance highly improved, will allow it to be flexible, and of course gives it increased strength.

Now, the overlay will also probably be given a number of additional chemical additives so that the overlay functions how the installer wishes. In other words, helping along its leveling properties, as well as drying properties, and anti-foaming properties as well. In addition there will be dozens of further formulations, so that the texture is what you desire, and the colored elements match what you have chosen as well.

In the business of applying a thin cement overlay, there are different means of applying it. Some installers will speak of a micro topping, a broom coat, a scratch coat, or a squeegee coat, but all of those are actually a type of skim coat. Basically they are used to resurface or bring forth new coloring to either drab or slightly damaged concrete. A skim coat may also be sprayed onto the existing floor.

Then there are self-leveling overlays. These are utilized more on slightly more damaged concrete or where the floor is not exactly level in spots. Generally people are ecstatic with those, as they get a brand new floor that dries in about 4 to 6 hours, and it can then be lightly stepped upon.

What they’ve obviously not heard of yet is Silikal. Silikal can be a self-leveling overlay with a vast difference from the other products we’ve listed. You see Silikal goes on very quickly, and in addition it cures within one hour. That does not mean gingerly walking on it either, you can if you so desire drive a car over it, or even a forklift!

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