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Floor Coverings for Hallways: Endurance Where it Counts

Floor Coverings for Hallways Never Looked Better

Long hallway displays neatly with new floor coverings playing off the over all design.A new hallway floor covering system wraps around an interior flight of steps leading both up and down.

Floor coverings for hallways present a unique problem. If it is a long hallway broken only by one door after the other and the floor coverings in each room will differ from the hallways, then the hallways can be covered in just about anything, as the space is broken by the doors. However, hallways that give onto other rooms, should in theory at least, all be covered with the same floor coverings for hallways.

Some hallways are actually the visual thread that will connect an entire building or office together. In that case, floor coverings should either be the same or at least complimentary to the main rooms that the hallway connects. Texture and color should be about the same as well.

You will also need to decide if you wish to speed your guests along those corridors, or if on the other hand, you wish to utilize subtle patterns as well as colors to create eye catching image highlights that will actually encourage your visitors to stop. Then they can admire your mementos of your corporation perhaps, or look at the photographs and pictures that tie in with your company. Making this kind of design statement will reinforce what the visitor thinks of your company whenever you utilize patterns, lighting textures and different colors to emphasize your hallways.

Floor coverings for hallways are also special when they consist of not just a hallway but an entryway as well. After all that will be the important first impression a visitor will have of the inside of your building. An entrance hall is a high traffic area as are the hallways, thus make sure that the first impressions count heavily. Some companies have their logo placed right into their entryways, which certainly makes a nice impression.

Unfortunately hallways also suffer from the dirt and even mud that is brought into your offices. Thus be sure that the flooring choice is easy to clean, and can actually take the strain of that constant traffic. In addition do keep in mind that your flooring should not only be easy to maintain, but provide excellent slip resistance as well. Also even flooring needs to maintain elevated indoor air quality, thus do not use any product that has VOCs, also known as Volatile Organic Compounds.

Of all the floor coverings for hallways, chances are that you will find exactly what you need through Silikal. They are even the ones who can have your logo imprinted for you right into your flooring as mentioned above.

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