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Floor Water Barrier Systems & The Dry Side of Flooring

A Floor Water Barrier Protection System For Your Business

A water barrier floor keeps the moisture top side for this employee, allowing easy management of cleaning duties.A floor water barrier system protects the underside of this car wash flooring by keeping moisture topside.

When some floors are cleansed, they are not really cleansed because they do not have a floor water barrier. Instead the dirty water seeps under the floor when it creates havoc. What kind of havoc? Well, things like molds and also all manner of bacteria. There it festers and grows, and the next day possibly more dirty water gets in there, just feeding the mold and bacteria. After a bit, odors seem to rise from the floor, even though it looks as clean as can be on the top, but the odors are seeping from under that floor. Remember the havoc? If the floor we are speaking of is in a restaurant, it’s even worse because now the floor is harboring little pieces of food waste, such as tiny little pieces of meat and fish and rotten eggs. Things could not be worse if we tried, right?

Well, perhaps after all, that particular floor could be in a gymnasium where human sweat is deposited on the floor and guess what? It too seeps under that floor that has no floor water barrier. Now, we are really disgusting. You all know what a gym smells like, right? Ugh!

Those responsible for cleaning those floors have worked all in vain, because there is no way that they can stop that dirty water from slipping under the floors they have tried to clean. Owners may even fire their cleaners, or spend huge amounts of money trying various cleansers, but the problem just keeps getting worse and worse.

What they need to do is to contact Silikal. Silikal will come to the establishment, whether it’s a restaurant, a food processor, or a gym and they will test the floor, only to find out that there are minute little cracks in it, or even pinholes that are allowing the dirty water to get underneath whatever their flooring is. Silikal will then give the owner of said establishment an estimate on a new Silikal floor. The owner will hear all about why Silikal will solve his problem.

You see, Silikal is a complete floor water barrier. There is no water that will ever seep under a Silikal floor, no matter what. At last, that floor that brought forth so much havoc will be able to remain totally hygienic. This means that there will no longer be those awful smells coming from the floor. In the gym, there will no longer be human sweat seeping to the underneath floor area, thus it too will smell great. The cleaning staff will be overjoyed, as the floor will now be so very easy to keep clean and fresh smelling.

How does Silikal do all this? Understand that Silikal is a state of the art, totally and completely seamless reactive resin floor system. There is no other flooring like it. What Silikal puts down is a completely pore free monolithic surface.

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