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LEED Floor System: A Small Part in a Big Picture

A LEED Floor System Sets The Standard

This chemical storage facility takes full advantage of Green Building Council approval with their LEED floor system.An office storage room utilizes LEED flooring systems to aquire LEED points.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and one gets points on the LEED rating system for various things that are in the list of their system such as building reuse, recycling, utilizing regional materials, using rapidly renewable materials, using low emitting materials (such as low VOC or no VOC LEED flooring). VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds. There are a tremendous amount of ways to earn points on the LEED rating system and an excellent example would be perhaps restoring an already existing concrete floor with a LEED Floor system.

You see, demolition would create a tremendous environmental impact, and so would the new construction of that concrete floor. Thus the restoration would be very environmentally friendly. By creation of a low or no maintenance floor, probably means that there will be no dangerous chemicals ever utilized to clean it and there will be no VOCs released either. The U.S. Green Building Council is the one under whose organization LEED points are given out. So, although a given project may not qualify for certification, as only new construction can do that, a project such as flooring will definitely qualify for points!

One of the LEED floor system proponents is of course Silikal flooring. After all, since Silikal flooring is a no VOC flooring, that makes them green, and thus LEED accredited. The various LEED credits go to those who actually select their products which means that Silikal flooring is not only superior in function as well as beauty, but it is also considered great for the environment. VOC are not “green” since VOCs are known to produce a breathable gas during flooring application that has been rated as being very dangerous to humans. As amazing as it may seem, the Silikal vessel and waterproof boat floor coatings actually meet the requirements of LEED credits too, and so do the Silikal antibacterial floor coatings!

As you can see Silikal has been extremely busy getting it’s coatings for concrete as well as existing substrates approved by the U.S. Green Building Council so that its products can lead to LEED points. After all in every way possible, Silikal is a thoroughly “green” company which believes in being as “green” as possible. Silikal also strongly believes in healthy human products and thus will do whatever is possible to present “green” products such as a LEED floor system. Using Silikal products will provide you with the ultimate satisfaction that you are actually helping the world community to build a better environment.

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