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Pharmaceutical Flooring Offers New Solutions to Old Problems

Pharmaceutical Flooring: Where Flooring Matters

A pharmaceutical floor blends naturally in this pharmaceutical hallway.A small teddy bear rests atop new pharmaceutical flooring as a reminder of the importance of flooring protection.

If you picture in your mind what a pharmacy looks like, and then zero in on the floor of said pharmacy constructed in your mind, the pharmaceutical flooring would be rather special. It would be scrupulously clean, gleaming in fact. The corners would harbor no dirt whatsoever and there would be no chinks in its armor preventing any dirt from entering the floor to the substrate. In fact that floor would meet or even exceed the necessary FDA and USDA requirements.

If truth be told, that floor would be chemically resistant to all manner of chemicals, be completely anti-slip to all foot traffic, and would even be resistant to forklift traffic. This means that the flooring items would not allow a break in the important bond found on that flooring to permit dirt, microbes or anything that else that might interfere with it being dust free and totally clean. Silikal fits all of these high demands for pharmaceutical flooring.

It is particularly hygienic since it is seamless, in addition to being non-porous. This is an important fact as germs and bacteria have nothing to attach to. Thus this joint-free flooring will have a high gloss to it, a finish that will completely eliminate all crevices and cracks found in other flooring. Now all the cleaning crew of that pharmacy needs to do is to easily clean it to decontaminate it. Now, that’s fighting bacteria at ground level!

The technical properties of Silikal mean that there are no VOCs whatsoever in the product, thus there are never any fumes to deal with. Its high durability means that your pharmacy can be open 24 hours a day without having to deal with toxic cleaning solutions, that’s how easy the cleanup will be with Silikal. High durability also means that you won’t be out of commission for expensive repair work either that can destroy or mar the sterile processing environments that you work so hard to maintain in your pharmacy. In addition, Silikal is anti-static as well. This permits highly sensitive electronic apparatus to fully operate without disruption of that pharmaceutical environment.

Pharmaceutical flooring extends to pharmaceutical warehouses as well. Thus Silikal is completely ideal for such industrial flooring. Therefore Silikal floors are very commonly utilized for industrial concrete pharmaceutical warehouses. Silikal is proud to say that the floors that have been installed in such pharmaceutical warehouses have stood up magnificently to the frequent cleaning as well as the known harsh sanitizing agents used for such cleaning. Silikal is exceedingly proud to say that there are no contaminants that can enter a Silikal floor.

If and when you decide on pharmaceutical flooring, do remember that Silikal is the only product that utilizes “enhanced” MMA. That’s what makes Silikal completely unique with regard to flooring for pharmaceutical locales.

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