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Commercial Food Grade Flooring: Whats On Your Floor?

Commercial Food Grade Flooring In the 21st Century

Commercial food grade flooring protects against the chef's spillage as he prepares his prep table.An open buffet with a line of patrons rests proudly on a newly installed commercial food grade flooring system.

The beverage and food processing plants as well as commercial kitchens are actually the origins of the most intensive environments that floors can ever be subject to. Thus, Silikal specializes in these floors so that they are completely sanitary, chemical resistant, as well as thermal shock resistant for restaurants as well as for the food processing industry. Silikal’s floors are United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved, as well as slip resistant and of course totally odorless as all of Silikal’s products are no VOC products. VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds, and absolutely none of Silikal’s compounds ever have VOCs in them.

Silikal firmly believes that restaurant and processing floors need to add to the general sanitation of their facility and thus they work diligently to make sure that their product is totally unable to harbor bacteria or mold because their flooring is always totally non porous, pin hole free and at all times completely seamless. Silikal makes the ultimate superlative commercial food grade flooring. Silikal’s floors are always safe as they have tremendous slip resistance as well as astounding clean ability.

If you have a restaurant or are in any way connected to the food industry, you will be thrilled with how durable the Silikal commercial food grade flooring is. It is no bluff when Silikal states that you will encounter very little to no repairs over the entire lifetime of that flooring. In fact, many Silikal floors have outlived the buildings they were installed in.

In addition you will find that Silikal flooring for restaurants and commercial kitchens, as well as food processing plants, beverage bottling/canning, or packaging plants is thermal shock resistant. That means that one can use hot water to wash it down, have fryers around it, as well as have that same flooring in freezers, walk in coolers, or wherever there is live steam, or even hot/cold cycling. None of that will affect your Silikal flooring at all.

Because it is chemical resistant, various sanitation chemicals, sugars and acids will not affect that flooring. Truly it is practically indestructible.

But you have not even heard the best news yet. If you currently have newly formed concrete or old concrete that needs a facelift or even tile that has seen its last days, Silikal is the perfect commercial food grade flooring for you. It will actually set up in once short hour!

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