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Industrial Floors & The Facts About Industrial Coatings

Industrial Floors Need To Be Tough, But That Is Only One Need…

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Whether we are speaking of floors in a factory, in a huge car repair garage, or in a hospital, industrial floors have to last under the toughest of working conditions, thus they all start off with concrete. But, even concrete is subject to dis-figuration, cracking and staining as time wears on. Thus, even those industrial floors need concrete polishing, or epoxy flooring to make the flooring system beautiful once more as well as serviceable.

There are so very many things that can be applied to an industrial floor though. These run from polishing to various coatings such as epoxy and urethane’s, each with their own advantages and negatives with regard to how well they protect the concrete to how long they take to cure or dry.

No matter your industry, it is understood that it is your desire to obviously protect your flooring. In addition, this wise move on your part will greatly improve the aesthetics of your floors, and will save you a tremendous amount of money in the future. You see, if you choose the right product you are in effect protecting the entire surface from costly replacement requirements as well as stopping wear and tear from corrosion and chemicals. In addition you are greatly reducing the costs of floor maintenance and cleaning costs.

Putting down a new gleaming floor means that you will also greatly increase light reflectivity. What this means is less demand for auxiliary lighting, as well as brightening up the work area, maximizing productivity, and improving safety. Likewise workers are better protected and become even more efficient with the proper industrial flooring.

Now, the only question remains as to which product will work best for your industrial floors? Which product will render all the above and last the longest? Of the glut of products that promise to do all the above, only one sticks out above them all, and that is Silikal. There is an avalanche of reasons why Silikal is best as follows:

• Completely seamless. That makes it perfectly hygienic. It can never conceal any bacteria thus there are no odors ever associated with it.

• Extremely easy to clean. There are never cracks nor pinholes related to it, so any liquids dropped can be cleaned up quickly and easily.

Anti slip. Your employees and the public will be completely safe on Silikal, even if grease or water is on the surface.

Totally durable. Equipment such as forklifts cannot mar it, and neither do any chemical spills.

• Amazingly swift curing. Unlike most flooring products, once it is properly applied, it requires only one hour to totally cure. You can then even drive a forklift over it!

• It is totally no-VOC flooring. It can even be applied with others in the building, as there are absolutely no odors from it at all!

• Its appearance will remain the same for years and years.

In addition, there will be no need for polishing, or the expense of volatile cleaners ever. One could laud the product much longer, but instead do yourself the favor of looking into Silikal yourself for your industrial floors; there are just so many good reasons for you to do so.

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