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What’s Better Than A Single Coat Flooring System? How About A Double Flooring System!

Double your protection, double your floor with a double flooring system expertly provided by Silikal.

Quartz Double Flooring System Diagram

When you utilize Silikal you will find that it is not only a concrete sealer but also a double flooring system with a topcoat that truly offers you twice the protection, because Silikal offers you twice the protection, regardless of what is dropped upon it, it will not penetrate the substrate below to cause problems beneath.

Businesses that involve commercial kitchens, healthcare, restaurants and supermarkets love Silikal because they absolutely must maintain extremely rigid standards of cleanliness as Silikal with its non-porous characteristics, clean-ability and durability offers no worries regarding strange odors, nor grime and worse yet bacterial growths while tough and long lasting for a potential lifetime!

A Silikal flooring system is also perfect with its double protection because it can take the rigors of an airplane hanger, an industrial garage, outdoor parking decks, and sports arenas to name yet a few places where the flooring system must be waterproof, skid proof, and of course as durable as possible. Silikal’s double flooring system can be utilized by veterinary or dog kennel flooring, as well as commercial food flooring.

Double the protection and for use in unlimited locations nothing but nothing is equal, much less better, than a flooring system made by Silikal.

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