Enclosed Trailer Floor Covering

Enclosed Trailer Floor Covering

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As you drive along our nation’s highways, an enclosed trailer being pulled by a large semi will on occasion pass you. Usually, you can tell if it contains live animals because of the air holes that are everywhere, and of course infrequently the trailer itself will proclaim that it is being utilized to carry live animals such as perhaps race horses, or show horses. Personally, I always enjoy hearing about what’s inside those enclosed trailers. If you are unreasonably curious, as I am, you might wonder what the enclosed trailer floor covering can be found within this particular trailer.

At times, my curiosity is sated, and I am lucky enough to pull over into a rest stop, and the keepers of the animals will throw open the doors to the trailer, and I am rewarded with the answer to my question and I get to see the enclosed trailer floor covering that is being utilized within. I may wander about a bit more but usually I can return to my family well sated as far as that mysterious enclosed trailer could have been carrying.

Of course at truck stops, I love speaking to the drivers and groomsmen with regard to what’s inside the trailer and what kind of enclosed trailer floor covering is being utilized. If truth be known, my father was in the trailer flooring business, and thus curiosity still eats at me when I see those huge enclosed trailers.

There are some who are extremely displeased with their enclosed trailer floor covering, and usually this is part of the group who tried to save money and went with some sort of epoxy floor coating with handfuls of sand thrown in so that the surface would not be too slippery for neither man nor beast. Horses especially tend to be quite rough on the trailer floor as they have steel horseshoes on their hooves. I have spoken to many who have had to reline their trailer floor covering every three months. Most of those people complain bitterly about expense.

Sometimes, though, I’ll bump into someone who is extraordinarily pleased with their enclosed trailer floor covering. Usually this is part of the group who investigated flooring choices carefully before making a selection. Interestingly enough you’d be amazed how many of those say that they used Silikal for their enclosed trailer floor covering. Not only does Silikal set up in a scant hour, but also it seems to last forever even with all those horse hooves trying to nick it!

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