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Firehouse Flooring

Flooring That Can Take The Heat In Any Firehouse

Firehouse Flooring Utilized On Stairs And In A Hallway.Six Inch Cove Base Shown Going From The Floor Up A Brick Wall.Firehouse Flooring With A Drain Set Into It.

Firehouse flooring needs to be not only slip resistant, fully seamless, but also be a waterproof resinous flooring system which is truly ideal for firehouses. In addition firehouses need flooring that is chemical resistant, as many chemicals are handled there. Additionally the firehouse flooring must be seamless or monolithic as referred to by flooring individuals. Part of the need for a monolithic floor is the fact that it must be able to withstand the creation of pinholes that lesser supposedly monolithic flooring will allow to be created, thus producing havoc over a relatively short period of time. Once pin holes form it is not long before all manner of liquids find their way under the flooring.

These liquids may ride in on the actual fire engines, such as dirty water from a firefight, or perhaps even rainwater. Also, if it is snowing or the roads are icy where the fire truck has been, then it stands to reason that the fire truck may well be carrying water from the icy street mixed with some kind of de-icing agent such as salt. Such problems will definitely cause mayhem with the firehouse flooring involved.

The thing is that the miniscule amounts of pinholes are quite detrimental to the firehouse floor so that what happens ordinarily is that water, dirt and bacteria are able to penetrate the surface of the floor, which then converts to the perfect living quarters to not only bacteria but also mold. Once these organisms take over underneath a firehouse floor, all is pretty much lost as there is no fixing the problem without taking up the entire floor and replacing it. It makes absolutely no sense to install flooring that is not Silikal in a firehouse.

Additionally, Silikal is especially designed in order to withstand some of the harshest conditions, which include mechanical abrasion such as the overheated tires on a fire truck, or perhaps let’s say the heavy equipment spoken of so reverentially among fire fighters. Depending on the location of the firehouse, of course special problems can present themselves. For instance a firehouse in Florida has no need for flooring that will withstand de-icing, however it behooves that particular firehouse to take care of overheated tires.

Keeping in mind the looks and appearance factors of a firehouse, it is also important to take into account such problems and solutions for let’s say slip and fall resistance, after all they would come into the station all wet with water running off not only the engines but their equipment as well. Their heavy equipment might also call for their flooring to be impact resistant too.

Though nowhere near as important as being impact resistant as well as slip resistant, the need for firehouse flooring being pinhole free, seamless and non-porous pales when it comes to being beautiful and also attractive as well as fitting into some sort of highly decorative flooring that appeals to many. Thus flooring known as Silikal is the one that fits into that question of what kind of flooring one should utilize when looking into the myriad of flooring available for firehouse flooring.

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