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EMS Station Flooring

Flooring In Emergency Medical Service Stations

EMS Station Hallway With Slip Resistant Flooring.Empty Room With Specialty Flooring For The Healthcare Industry.Highly Reflective Flooring In Use In An EMS Station.

Today any modern Emergency Medical Service station is going to have to closely relate to the healthcare industry as well as to the safety of the various personnel who of course must work as well as live in those particular facilities. Thus in essence such an EMS station will have residential needs as well as specific needs that pertain especially for the “industry” that is conducted there.

As for the residential needs of course such flooring will have to be easy to maintain and keep as clean as possible. That means that some over and above means of cleanliness are usually called for, as the occupants may necessarily be called in to work at a moment’s notice. Safety stripes are often painted on the floors to delineate areas that are either dangerous or could offer a potential for danger. For instance areas around the fire trucks are often marked to prevent someone from being in the way of the fast moving vehicle.

Because EMS stations must deal with people who may be in a hurry, frequently special conditions may apply. This is why all interior flooring will need to be chosen in order to minimize the possible likelihood of any slips and falls. In addition such floors need to be easily cleaned, as well as durable. This is why the choice of flooring material will always be in the heavy-duty grades. Today with the available treatment of the high-gloss flooring to render it non slip, even a high gloss floor is possible.

With regard to newer flooring options for the EMS station flooring, today aggregate is frequently introduced to render the floor totally slip proof. Antibacterial flooring is also a strong consideration for such locations. Lower priced flooring unfortunately cannot measure up to higher quality flooring such as Silikal for EMS station flooring.

First of all Silikal is professionally laid with infinite care by licensed and bonded floor technicians. In addition Silikal flooring installers are certified trained. This means to the EMS station designer that exactly what is needed for their particular needs in flooring will be done correctly and without undue waste of time.

The flooring designers that Silikal utilizes are knowledgeable as to the distinctive needs that an EMS station floor requires. Development and implementation of the proper EMS station flooring is made simple by those who are experienced in flooring as Silikal is.

With Silikal, due to its non-porous nature there is never any water, dirt, or bacteria that can rest on the flooring surface, thus it can never attach itself to the floor or go underneath the flooring. This is partly the reason why Silikal flooring is so easy to clean, which is very important to an EMS station. The anti-slip Silikal flooring surfaces actually reduce or even prevent slips, falls or any flooring slip related incidents.

Once laid, a Silikal EMS station floor will never need to be laid again, nor even be brought up to date for any reason. Silikal is renowned to be a lifetime floor due to the fact that it will outlast the property it is installed in!

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