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Bar Flooring

Flooring For Any Type Of Bar

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A bar is actually a very special location, for when people go there they are intent on having fun, and wish to forget all that is bothering them throughout the day. However there are many different kinds of bars, thus there are different types of bar flooring.

Let’s say that perhaps you own a very posh bar in a fashionable and upscale part of town. In that case you might need flooring that emphasizes the classy atmosphere of the area, meaning nothing too loud or garish. With the toned down music and perhaps a few swaying couples holding each other romantically, the flooring also needs to reflect romanticism. Everything needs to be as laid back as possible of course. Quality drinks and that kind of high-class atmosphere utilized in such a bar will drive the right kind of customers in.

This is the kind of bar that simply calls out for perhaps a dark-colored Silikal floor that shines with the warmth that only Silikal can bring to a bar floor. The surface will have to be well protected against spilled drinks and the punishment that spike heels can give. Waterproof, slip resistant, and impact resistant flooring is crucial. Now for a truly brilliant idea, the flooring which has received a reactive resin covering can be carried out onto the bar itself. Thus the bar would also receive the fabulous protection that the floor has. That means that it would be impervious to spilled drinks and other accidents and such.

Now on the other hand if you are in the midst of a truly hot area which specializes in late night drinking as well as some rather frenetic dancing, the entire atmosphere inclusive of the floor needs to also be hot and unforgettable. On the other hand you may wish to go retro-bold with bold patterning all over the floor! It is surprising what an oversized graphic pattern will do to what may have been an ordinary boring floor as bar flooring. Then too it is amazing what various lighting configurations can do to brighten up the atmosphere.

No matter which type of flooring you decide is best to reflect the ambiance of your bar, you will need to have a product that you can rely upon to be easy to keep clean, seamless, as well as flooring that will never be harmed by dancing patrons who may be wearing spike heels. You will appreciate the best bar flooring available which is Silikal.

One important factor with regard to Silikal is that it is actually lifetime flooring. This means that it will last a lifetime, begging the question as to whose lifetime? Actually perhaps it is more precise to say that it will outlast the structure it has been installed within. One imagines a building being torn down and all that remains is a shiny new looking floor.

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