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Animal Hospital Flooring

Flooring For Animal Hospitals

A Row Of Kennels In An Animal Hospital With Exceptional Flooring.Animal Hospital Flooring That Matches The Beautiful Countertops In The Examination Room.Animal Hospital Flooring That Seamlessly Flows From The Hall Into The Exam Room.

It is interesting how many people treat their animals as if they were human, and that example is evinced quite well in the way that people wish to see the hospitals where they take their pets. Just like a “people” hospital, they want to see calming flooring, but most of all they wish to see the same cleanliness exhibited in the flooring as they do in regular hospitals, and who can truly blame them? Even animals deserve that kind of cleanliness.

The regular hospitals get flooring that fits well in their state of the art hospitals, and animal hospital flooring should be the same. When one considers how long it takes to become a veterinarian, it is no wonder that veterinary offices that now also provide cutting-edge levels of care should thus have unbeatable facilities for teaching veterinary students as well as the veterinarians who practice there.

Most animal hospitals today choose flooring which can be installed rapidly, for instance one that will be ready to be put in service only one hour after the installation. Further, they wish for flooring that will be hygienic, long wearing and above all seamless.

As mentioned animal hospital flooring should be calming, not necessarily for the animals, but for the owners of the animals, as well as those who work there. Decorative flooring is thus a necessity in not just the welcoming entrance vestibule, but also the consulting rooms, and of course treatment and operating rooms, but then too, the flooring needs to be carried into the kennels.

Often the acting director of the animal hospital, a veterinarian, will even consult with floor designers to be sure that there is flexibility in both design and color so that they will match what the specifications were from the architect. Yet uppermost in the acting director’s mind is also that there must never be any compromises made for quality.

Then too, the head veterinarian will consult with the acting director, and they will make adjustments with regard to their animal hospital flooring. After all, they are totally aware of their special needs such as having variable textures available so that the hospital is able to locate the various animals in the correct areas of the hospital. That means that special care is taken for cats, dogs, and other animals with regard to slip resistance of those animals.

They will know that although they have chosen a seamless installation, they still wish to make choices with regard to color as well as design. It is always important that the flooring client knows that the entire hospital‘s flooring will not clash with their envisioned aesthetics.

There is but one special product that will fit all of the above stated parameters for the perfect animal hospital flooring and that is Silikal. Silikal has been involved in flooring for many animal hospitals, and thus has the expertise to render exactly what is needed so that the hospital’s veterinarians, acting directors, nurses and others involved with the animals will find fantastic lifetime flooring with Silikal. Oh, and the animals will love it too, you’ll see.


Floors For Industrial Kitchens

The Ultimate Industrial Kitchen Flooring

Industrial Kitchen With Green Flooring.Conveyer On Flooring For Industrial Kitchens.Flooring For Industrial Kitchens In Use.

It has often been said that those who shop for floors for industrial kitchens need to be more demanding, and be very well informed of their tremendous options available to them prior to making a choice. Apparently you are reading this because you are one of those shoppers.

Certainly you’ve always heard that a little knowledge goes a long way, and thus knowledge about industrial kitchen flooring will indeed take you a very long way. Asking which types of flooring to use, and why will allow you to make the very best selection.

Prior to narrowing down the many options before you, it is important that you judge exactly what it is that you are seeking from the flooring you ultimately choose. Granted, we all are aware that floors for industrial kitchens will have to pass many inspections such as for the health codes in your area. But in addition educate yourself about which floor choices present flooring that is strong and extremely durable. Ask if the flooring you are considering will repel grease, and if it can be rendered non-slip. Those working in your kitchen will after all wish to remain safe as they work.

Even though your customers are not going to be inside your kitchen, you will wish to ask about the acoustical properties of different kinds of flooring. This is because no matter how separated the dining rooms are from the kitchen, noises do tend to travel and thus may inconvenience your patronage.

Next, be sure to ask how long the installation will take place, and even better yet at what point will that flooring be able to be returned to service. Not all industrial kitchens are closed on Mondays, or Sundays, thus for some this is of extreme importance.

Getting back to the kitchen not exactly being a direct component of your restaurant, you will nonetheless have to look at the aesthetics of the floors for your industrial kitchen. Regardless of the theme of your particular restaurant, you still must consider the aesthetics of the flooring to ascertain that there is no clash with the remainder of the restaurant.

We are all aware that every flooring for an industrial kitchen must be scrupulously clean at all times. Thus ascertain that the floor is easy to keep clean, and ask what kinds of cleansers may damage the floor. You certainly do not wish to hang your reputation on a dirty kitchen floor. Ask if crates pushed or pulled along the floor might damage it as well. You will wish to ask all about its projected durability, as well as its impact and stain protection.

Finally seamlessness is of supreme importance. This is because even the tiniest point of entry can compromise an entire industrial kitchen flooring, inviting germs, yeast, microbes, bacteria and viruses to make their home under your floor. This results in bad odors, stains, mold and fungus growth.

Everything mentioned above totally points to using Silikal flooring for your industrial kitchen. It is considered lifetime flooring, and it can be returned to complete service only one hour after installation. Ask the above questions from your Silikal contractor, and see.